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    Review: Dahua DH-IPC-HFW5842E-ZE-S2 - 8MP / 4K Vari-Focal Bullet Cam

    i spray painted my bullets, but they are always in shade. and at least on my bullets the top (and the bottom) white covers are removable on top of a black body ... so was easy to take off paint without having to worry about the lens
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    BI detect and re-configure IP camera that changes IP ?

    i dont have static ip on the dahua ipcams, i was having issues when power goes down and dhcp came back and something would mess up and block access to the cams anyway... cams are not static, and been using DW/NX which recognizes and re-configures the same camera when the IP changes, and...
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    Blue Iris won't start DeepStack (Windows 10 PC)

    on my win10 it would start deepstack executable (shows up in task manager, no desktop window) , but nothing would happen (no ai detection or something) so i resort to starting each one separately no gpu here either
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    http request stopped working after restart ..

    edit: fixed it by starting from scratch :/ But is this going to happen if I restart. ?.. I'm not trying... tho would be cool to not have to redo every restart ------------------------------- Last night i setup alert to do http request. was working perfect, then i reset computer and now the...
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    model rec w/ SMD(person) & vid qual =/> IPC-HFW1831E ?

    is there a SMD model (to get person detection) with video quality same or better than IPC-HFW1831E ? also does anyone know if SMD can be used to trigger DW Spectrum ?
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    R0 / DS-2CD2x32 BrickfixV2 brick recovery and full upgrade tool - enhanced.

    Not sure man this time issue very frustrating, tried everything. Resetting. Updating. Etc etc.I even setup time server thingy on my network/server, sh%t still lost and showing I don't even know what time zone. I gave up, Now I'm just going by the DW recorded time.
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    IPC-HFW1831E IPC-HX2(1)

    does this latest firmware have person detection (im using IPC-HFW1831E) @EMPIRETECANDY
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    plugged in new IPC-HFW1831E ... not showing up

    if it had worked i would not have posted, well i did post too early because i was trying to do other things unrelated ...tho i did figure it out without having to RTFM and if a manual is required to use a network device then the setup/configuration was not well planned out in the design...
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    plugged in new IPC-HFW1831E ... not showing up

    i connected directly to my computer 1 by 1 and power the camera thru an injector ... but yea i noticed they had same ip ... not sure whats up with this whole convoluted process
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    plugged in new IPC-HFW1831E ... not showing up

    yeah i just did it after i posted ... i'm on 10.1.x.x ... had to change my computer ip to 192.168.1.x and the Dahuatool found it ... but it wouldnt modify to DHCP because 'on a different subnet' .. wtf ... so i used the web page to initialize the camera .. .then it was so slow in the web menu...
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    plugged in new IPC-HFW1831E ... not showing up

    so i just got 2 of these poe cams... IPC-HFW1831E i plug them in my Linksys poe switch (powering 2 hikvision) but these 2 dahua are not showing up on the network... no IPs on the router's DHCP .leases .. I installed the Dahua ConfigTool and they are not showing up in there either... but right...
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    Building Blueiris/workstation pc

    im looking into DW, i have BI... what does BI have that DW doesnt ?
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    cant set gateway xxx.0

    ok great, i was trying to avoid the settings change but i guess i have to thx
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    cant set gateway xxx.0

    yes thats the ip of the router... mask is
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    cant set gateway xxx.0

    i changed my network setup and router is now the Hik dont want to save network setting if gateway ip is ... they save with , and seems to work with having static ip. i tried web gui and SADP both gave error computers etc work fine but .. but is there another...
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    R0 / DS-2CD2x32 BrickfixV2 brick recovery and full upgrade tool - enhanced.

    super-thanks !! finally made useful my 2332 its been sitting bricked after trying to update its chinese base into EN... ...and now it finally gets to work following instructions worked, tho please mention in the the step "- Start the tftp server" (NOT tftp updater server) , use tftp...