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    Dahua Ethernet Pigtail Wiring Diagram

    Wire broke when removing the camera. Anyone happen to know what the wiring diagram is to put this back how it was? The user is handy with a soldering iron or whatever else is needed. @EMPIRETECANDY maybe you know how to fix this. He bought it from you.
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    2021 Outdoor Night vision Varifocal Turret

    Who makes a good iP camera for night use outdoors these days? I’ve been using Dahua Starlight 2MP varifocal turret from @EMPIRETECANDY but mine are a few years old now.
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    IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS Latest Firmware

    Can someone please link me to the latest firmware for IPC-HDW2231RP-ZS ? I've searched the forums, google searched the forum, and I went to the sticky post @fenderman created and can't find it. Looking for an @EMPIRETECANDY post but the only one I could find similar was for a different model...
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    Network Switch Loop

    I want the following out of my network setup and I want to know what you recommend: -RDP access from my Laptop (regular) subnet -Blue Iris server accessible over OpenVPN hosted by my router -Blue Iris connected to separate camera network that has no internet access How are you accomplishing...
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    clips.dat file taking 94GB of 111GB C drive

    Trying to help a family member. His clips.dat file taking 94GB of 111GB C drive Have tried compacting the DB manually, which saved a few MB but not much. He has 20 cameras. My BI has 11 cameras and I'm only using < 2GB for clips.dat. What can we look at? We just tried recreating the DB and...
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    IPC-HDW5231R-ZE Speaker

    Does IPC-HDW5231R-ZE have a speaker for 2 way audio? Can't find it on the specs sheet on Dahua website so assume not.
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    Blue Iris Website Down

    Is there a workaround for Blue Iris website down? Looks like the software can't confirm my License Key is valid due to: " Error establishing a database connection Blue Iris - Video Security Software
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    Two Way Audio

    Summary: two-way audio doesn't work through web UI or Blue Iris iPhone app. I have a Hykamic IPC3442 - Hikvision clone DS-2CD2442FWD-IW and can't get two way audio working. Anyone know what fixes this? I'm using Blue Iris as my NVR. I enabled Video and Audio in the Video settings and can...
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    Camera Towards Windows

    I have a camera inside pointed towards my back doors which are bunch of glass windows and glass doors. Goal is to see inside the room and also see a face if someone succeeded in breaking into my home. The issue is that there's a lot of glare that makes it hard to see at night and even during...
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    Fixed: OpenVPN - Blue Iris iPhone App Won't Connect - UI3 works fine

    OpenVPN - Blue Iris iPhone App Won't Connect - UI3 works fine via Safari browser. Are there other ports to open from the VPN to BlueIris other than the web server port? Been futzing with this for hours. OpenVPN working fine otherwise. I can access all LAN resources other than BlueIris app...
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    Amcrest Dahua Clone IPM-HX1B Blue Iris 2-Way Audio

    Anyone know how to get Amcrest Dahua Clone IPM-HX1B 2-Way Audio to work in Blue Iris? Want to be able to talk from my iPhone to the camera speaker and hear the reply from camera recipient on the iPhone. I've tried several camera profiles, both Generic and Amcrest. Still doesn't work. Works...
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    Optimizing Camera Settings

    I've read through a few of the wiki pages. Wondering still what camera settings I need to set out of the box. For example, I've configured 15FPS for main and secondary streams and then set 15FPS in Blue Iris. Is there a guide on camera settings? I have Dahua OEM or clone cameras and...
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    Hikvision indicator light and network LEDs

    Is there a way to disable the front indicator light and network LEDs on Hikvision cameras? I have Hykamic and Annke 161DR cube cameras that are Hikvision clones and want to shut off those lights on the front of the camera if possible. There's a blue one (assume it's an indicator similar to...
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    Windows 10 Edition

    Windows 10 Home okay for Blue Iris? Anything limited by this OS choice? Finally looking to move off Windows 7.
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    Hardware ok?

    Been running Blue Iris as a VM for years. I know that's not optimal. I'm adding cameras and want a more optimal setup. Going to rebuild my VM host and move everything off. Here's the hardware. Good enough for Blue Iris? (I know it's overkill in some areas like RAM) 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge...
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    Trusted seller of Hikvision

    Is there a trusted Hikvision seller here?
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    IPC-HDW5231R-Z not accessible

    Just got my first IPC-HDW5231R-Z from @EMPIRETECANDY and I don't see it on my network. I get a link light on the POE+ switch (all ports are POE+) for the camera but it doesn't get a DHCP lease. I thought maybe it's 802.3at (POE+) and the port needed to be changed to that on the switch, but...