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  1. aesterling

    BI and Win11?

    During one of the recent Blue Iris webinars they said a number of users are already running Windows 11 and haven’t reported any issues. They also mentioned they’re not aware of any known compatibility issues. But that said, I’m in no rush to move to Win 11 :)
  2. aesterling

    How Do I Export At The Same Rate As Stored Clip

    In the Convert/export window, is the Time-lapse box is unchecked?
  3. aesterling

    BI camera settings for using different Deepstack models per profile

    That portion of the AI settings could use a more intuitive interface. The method to specify which models and objects to use or exclude is pretty rudimentary. It works and I’m grateful for all the features, but hopefully the usability improves as the feature matures.
  4. aesterling

    Blue Iris iPad app works well on M1/Apple Silicon Mac

    That’s great! I forgot that Apple Silicon Macs can run iOS apps. I’ll have to try this tomorrow. Not sure what benefit it would give me over UI3 or remote controlling the actual PC, but more options are always nice.
  5. aesterling

    Camera installs and builds.

    Looks cool, thanks for sharing! Do you need any other brains between the cellular modem and the camera? Like a raspberry pi? Or does the camera talk straight to the modem?
  6. aesterling

    DeepStack LPR Custom Model

    Nice job, @MikeLud1, glad I could contribute my LPR images to help train the model. This is what I've been using to only submit LPR images with a confirmed license plate to Plate Recognizer to stay below the monthly quota. The addition of night images helps, as well! Thanks!
  7. aesterling

    Any reviews of Amcrest IP8M-T2669EW-AI ?

    What additional features/settings are you seeing with the Dahua firmware?
  8. aesterling

    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    [emoji1] No kidding! Anything would be helpful!
  9. aesterling

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    Regarding the flickering lines, support just told me it "should be fixed in"
  10. aesterling

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    Same problem for my 9:16 vertical cameras. I contacted support and was asked to provide a temp remote login so it could be reproduced. Glad it's not just me!
  11. aesterling

    dot dat files in alerts?

    Camera settings > Trigger > Artificial intelligence > Save Deepstack Analysis details
  12. aesterling

    dot dat files in alerts?

    Are you using Deepstack?
  13. aesterling

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    Page 237 of the help file from (Not sure why the forum is removing one slash from the URL, but should be double like normal.)
  14. aesterling

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    Just got a reply from support. The updated deep link URL schemes will be included in the help file with the next release on PC.
  15. aesterling

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    Nice. Same result for me with the safari prompt on iPhone. No prompt with Shortcuts.
  16. aesterling

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    Yes, or in a Shortcuts action or Home Screen shortcut, etc.. There needs to be two slashes in the URL after "blueiris" (the forum removed one when I wrote it.) And make sure you replace "shortname" with the actual shortname of the camera. Then it should open straight to the camera you want.
  17. aesterling

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    I emailed last week also asking if the new URL schemes are documented anywhere but haven't heard back yet. If you load blueiris:/?Camera=shortname on iOS it'll open a live view of the camera. I've been using that with iOS Shortcuts and home screen icons. Previously, I've asked about it opening...
  18. aesterling

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    I think if you tap that “version history” link in your screenshot you’ll see it. It looks like the .01 update was released less than one day later.
  19. aesterling

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    I had previously requested this feature, along with automatically playing the relevant alert when launching from a notification, about a year ago so I kept checking if it had been added after each update.
  20. aesterling

    IOS App Update v2.01.00

    If you long press on the notification there are new options to open the newest alert for that camera. That appears to be working for be me, but I agree you should be able to achieve the same thing by just opening the notification. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. aesterling

    5.4.7 - May 25, 2021 - Support for DeepStack custom model files

    What did you use for your training images? Did you have previous alerts images to use or did you go outside and walk in front of the cam in different outfits? [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. aesterling


    I’m still using my custom license plate model. It could certainly be improved, but for only a few hours of work, it does amazingly well. If you’re interested, I just followed the custom model instructions on the Deepstack website [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. aesterling

    Hide the PTZ controls?

    I just tested this on iPad. I can get the ptz controls to disappear if I disable “split view on iPad,” then force quit the app, then relaunch it, view a live camera, then turn the device to landscape orientation.
  24. aesterling

    Hide the PTZ controls?

    The ptz controls disappear when I turn my iPhone to landscape orientation, but not sure about iPad. Does it make any difference if you toggle “split view on iPad” in the app settings?
  25. aesterling

    Is ColorVu any decent or more of a gimmick?

    I have the Hikvision DS-2CD2087G2-L(U) 2.8mm with LEDs but I don’t turn them on. It’s full color at night and works really well when there’s enough ambient light. I have some yard lights and a flood light mounted on a pole that brighten up the area enough for that cam to perform well in the...
  26. aesterling

    Blue Iris UI3

    @bp2008 how does the UI3 dynamic layout work in BI 5.5+? When viewing a group of cameras, it appears to still be a composite stream rendered by BI rather than multiple individual camera streams, but if I resize the browser window the layout changes. Does UI3 send the window resolution (or...
  27. aesterling

    Watchdog probmems

    Awesome, great service. Thanks for building and maintaining it!
  28. aesterling

    Watchdog probmems

    @Mike, how frequently does the watchdog service poll the specified server? I just started using Uptime Watchdog this week and it's working great. I noticed I get an email when my server goes down for a reboot, and another after it's back up, so it must be at least every minute or so? Thanks!
  29. aesterling

    Anyone getting T+0 msec in deepstack analysis Windows?

    Interesting. Yes, I was using hi-res jpeg. Will try DB only and see how it behaves :)
  30. aesterling

    Anyone getting T+0 msec in deepstack analysis Windows?

    I don't remember what determines it. For comparison, my settings are Pre-trigger video buffer of 1.5 sec, Analyze one every 500ms Begin analysis with motion-leading edge checked and I get these results: