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    Windows 11 Secure Boot

    Hi guys, My BI PC currently on starting up also starts BI running in the background, this is very helpful for updating the PC remotely and not worrying about starting BI manually. Now windows 11 has shown as a potential update but it will not install without secure boot turned on. Can I turn...
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    Help - Deleted Data & Serious Assault

    Hi Guys, I am so annoyed with myself, I have my BI Clips and Archiving set to delete (not move) at 100GB on a 8TB WD Purple. Stupidity at minimum. Especially with continuous recording set. Then I get the call from local police to say there was a serious assault and I cannot find the footage...
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    My Dodgy PC...

    Anyone got any ideas on this. My CCTV PC, used almost exclusively for BI CCTV is way too high on CPU. It has an I7-6700 processor and 16GB Memory. I've attached an image to show the problem, BI is using 58% CPU, it goes upto 99%. But I'm pretty sure BI is not the problem. If you look at my...
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    Enlarge Camer View

    Hi, can someone please tell me, when using BI, I am in the standard view on my PC. I have 4 cameras in view and I wish to double click to enlarge one camera, it isn't enlarging. If I right click > maximise frame, all 4 enlarge. Only ways I can enlarge a single camera is to "open in desktop...
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    PIR Suggestion?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good PIR or two please? Both outdoors, one is wall mounted & one is underside mounted. Had a sneak their round last night and my pir's have been playing up, if it motion sensored him and turned my lights on, I'm sure he would have left sooner.
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    File Storage Help Required

    Hi Guys, For a long time I have had this issue with file storage but I cannot rectify it. I all new files and alerts go to my SSD which is my C drive. Then after a period they go to my WD Purple which is W drive. I am trying to alter my storage setting but I am stuck in a loop and have been...
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    5231 Verifocal turrets - sale

    Hi guys, I may be selling some 5231IP ZE turrets soon after an upgrade. Not sure on a fair second hand value, any suggestions please?
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    24 Port Switch

    Hi Guys, This should be a nice simple one. I need a 24 port switch. No cctv, no poe, just for a private network to hard wire ethernet throughout a modern flat. Is there a reliable plug n play item without any bloatware that anyone could recommend please?
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    Sound From BI Specific PC

    Hi all, Using my BI System at work, the staff got fed up of hearing themselves echo out of the BI PC. The PC has not got any speakers but it must have an internal speaker for emergency notes or something. It is a Dell SFF Optiplex. So I turned sound of BI cameras and forgot about it. Only...
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    HDW5x31R-ZE Replacements

    Hi Guys, I've been in talks with Andy and despite being on holidays in China, he responded elsewhere to inform me they 5x31r-ze's are no longer in production. And so whilst I await his further offerings, I would like suggestions from Andy's possible offerings as to which "motorised" camera I...
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    Ordering Soon

    Hi Andy, I'll be needing another order shortly. Please could you quote individual prices for prices of:- 5231r-ze 5431r-ze 5631r-ze 5831r-ze Order will be 8 or 9 cameras. Happy to have some of the return cameras if discounts are good. Thank you.
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    Alerts Missing

    Hi Guys, So I'm running BI with x4 Dahua cameras. System has been in and working ages. Last night, I wanted to view alerts on camera 3. I looked on the BI app, new alerts showed up as usual, but then the problem. The alerts on camera 3 wont play, there is an initial image but it just wont...
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    I Know I'm Daft But...

    I'm running BI and after having done 3 self installs, I have forgotten where I put the trial higher 4, 6 and 8MP cameras. How can I check the camera models please? I can log in to all systems remotely but just can't seem to check either in BI or using the direct camera IP address and looking round.
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    Dahua Cameras

    Hi Guys, I'm setting up a BI system for my girlfriends sandwich shop. I'm just checking the 5231's are the best camera for a mainly indoor environment. She wants:- 1 x outside shop door camera 4 x cameras to well lit retail areas 2 x cameras to staff basement where lights are turned on...
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    Hi Guys, I paid subscription to BI5 some time ago and my V4.8.6.3 showed version 5 eligible after I put my valid key code in. But when I click upgrade, it says I'm on latest version. If I try and use key code, it says code already used. Which I did to make it v5 eligible. Am I being dumb...
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    Sorry guys, I do not know why I can't find it. In BI5, I'm using the camera's timestamp but want to remove the BI timestamp from view. Is the setting in each individual camera or the global settings? Spent an hour scratching my head and googling and despite seeing its cam properties > video >...
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    Dahua on NACL Plug-in

    Hi guys, I'm scratching my head a little here. Have 4 new 5231's from @EMPIRETECANDY. When logging in to the camera's for the very first time I am using the google extension NACL to log initially set up. I am setting up as NTSC and using the on Blue Iris. But, after I have logged in to the...
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    Which WD Purple Hard Drive

    Hi guys, I'm wondering what you guys think is better 8TB Purple HDD, the WD81PURZ 5400rpm or the WD82PURZ 7200rpm? I've emailed WD also but thought I'd ask the community also. I will update the thread with WD's response if indeed they respond.
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    High CPU Usage

    High Guys, Can anybody with similar tell me if this CPU usage is normal, the CPU seems as if it may be under strain. I have set up a BI system on a SFF clean install Windows 10 Dell. Processor is i5-6500 CPU @ 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM. I have added 3 Dahua camera's, 5231, 5431 & 5631. The CPU was...
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    Minimised Camera

    Hi Guys, Occasionally in BI, when I have a camera full screen and want to return, I click minimise camera. It then disappears totally and I never know how to get it back or where to start. I have tried but no luck finding it. Can someone tell me where I retrieve it from please? Sent from my...
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    POE+ Switch Recommendations Please

    Hi Guys, Well it's been a long time coming but after a nearly 2 year renovation of my Mums new house, I am terminating the CCTV wiring over the next couple of weeks in among the landscaping jobs. I got so into it earlier in the project that I started trialing a dry run setup of the Blue Iris...
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    BI Alerts on App

    Hi guys, When I use my BI App a funny thing is happening. If i am looking at the app and there's a red number in the top right hand corner of each camera's alerts which I believe shows the number of alerts since last log in. If I click on it I'm looking at the most recent alert. If I swipe...
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    BT Home Hub Replacement

    Hi guys, I hope someone can help. Has anyone used BT Home Hub or swapped one for Asus? I'm trying to set up an Asus for Blue Iris and to set up a VPN. BT don't offer home users "bridge mode" so I'm struggling how to go about it. Then I read tonight Asus could totally replaced the BT Home...
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    Blue Roller

    Hi Guys, Please can anybody help me to save me from bothering Andy @EMPIRETECANDY ? If my video uploads, you will see I have a funny blue shadow rolling accross my screen. This is usually showing on the white vertical bars, but today it is showing on right hand white bar and on the bags of...
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    8k Sony Technology

    Wonder if this will make it into our cctv gear eventually. Is Sony's new 8K video codec coming to the rumored Alpha A7S III? | TechRadar
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    Dahua 5231

    Hi Guys, Of my 4 Dahua cameras, I've just noticed the time & camera title are not showing. I am using the Dahua time stamp and it is enabled. So is the title of camera. I did a manual reboot of both the camera and my Blue Iris and checked both for updates too. Has anybody else had this...
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    Dahua 5231 or 4/6/8231's

    Got mine off Andy recently, and just when I'm installing I notice it's encode mode is H.64H. Should I be adjusting to H.265? Any other tips are also welcome:)
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    Good Grief, What have I done!

    I AM AN IDIOT I AM AN IDIOT I AM AN IDIOT I AM AN IDIOT I AM AN IDIOT I'm replacing a faulty cam that used the same cat6 cable with this new HDW5231R-ZE. The old one drew power from by using baluns at each end and a power supply inside the house. Foolishly I failed to disconnect the inside my...
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    HDW5231R-ZE Default Login?

    Please Help, I am about to lock myself out of my camera on 1st attempt to setup. Purchased from Andy on here, and I thought default login was admin & admin. It is not. Now I only have 1 attempt left. What is the default login please? What if I keep getting it wrong again?
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    Detached Woodland Workshed

    Hi guys, I've had a decent result setting up my BI at home and mum's. Now a friend wants similar for his workshop man shed. But he lives in a mid-terrace house and his shed is near on 100m away, beyond the row of terraces and it's in a woodland with no lighting nearby. So would it be possible...