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    Blue Iris on unRAID Windows VM - to cache or not to cache?

    I know this is a bit old but I am wonderingif you are saying. Host the machine on a cache drive and record to an unassigned drive or 2?
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    Can you help me with night vision

    It has happened for ever. I have always thought that I was getting IR reflection from the eaves.I will do as suggested
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    Can you help me with night vision

    Here is the daytime shot
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    Can you help me with night vision

    I have a Dahua HDW5231RP-Z. I am a blue iris user. The listed camera is mounted under my eve pointed at my driveway. The night vision appears very hazy. Can anyone look at the video and tell me what is wrong with the camera?
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    Dahua Starlight Suggested Settings

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate it!
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    Dahua Starlight Suggested Settings

    I have a blue iris server. I purchased my first Dahua Camera (Starlight Turret PC-HDW5231RP-Z) I have been searching and searching for suggested configurations for the camera itself and optimal setting for blue iris. Would anybody mind sharing either a link or posting the requested...
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    Hi Andy, I am looking to purchase 2 cameras and a NVR. I am looking at 1IPC-HDW5231R-Z, 1 Dahua...

    Hi Andy, I am looking to purchase 2 cameras and a NVR. I am looking at 1IPC-HDW5231R-Z, 1 Dahua IPC-HDB4231C-AS 2MP and a NVR4108-P-4KS2. Could I get a price from you. Have you ever installed the listed NVR? If you don't like it can you suggest another. I have a pretty tight budget. Thanks
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    Blue Iris versus Ip Camera Alerts

    Thanks for the help. I have 1 of the 2432 models with the PIR. I believe it is setup to start recording I the PIR detects a person.
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    Blue Iris versus Ip Camera Alerts

    So I installed newly purchased Hikvision 3 megapixel cameras. I configured alerts in the camera such a motion intrusion detection etc. I finally got my Blue Iris server built and Blue Iris installed. So my question is: Do I disable the alerts within the cameras and setup alerts through Blue...
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    Blue Iris Optimization, can you help me

    I am building a new Blue Iris server. I am new to Blue Iris. I have 4 Hikvision 3 megapixel 1080p cameras. I want to setup Blue Iris to provide a high quality recording wile utilizing the least CPU. I have set the cameras to 15 fps, Highest recording quality and H.264. In Blue iris I set it...
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    Blue Iris and Plex on the Same server

    Actually when talking about plex and transcoding full HD streams, plex has given suggested cpu specs. So while saying any old mac mini can handle plex is technically correct, it depends on what you are using plex for. If you are placing 1080p blurays on your server and want the ability for...
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    Blue Iris and Plex on the Same server

    Yes for 4 people watching shows simultaneously. You can watch plex from any tablet/phone anywhere you want.
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    Hikvision Camera with an External PIR

    I recently bought Hikivision DS-2CD2732F-I, I plan on using an external PIR for motion. What PIR's are people using with the Hikvision cameras? I have DSC 1864 security system. I am wondering when I use this external PIR, can I integrate the PIR into my DSC system? Thanks for the info in...
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    Blue Iris and Plex on the Same server

    Thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge and experiences. So I am in the process (as you can tell) trying to perfect my setup. I have 2 issues: 1 being money (like it is to everyone). I currently have an esxi setup. It is an Intel Xeon X3440 2.53 quad core. It is currently hosting a...
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    Blue Iris and Plex on the Same server

    Are you recording 1080p cam's? Is your plex server HD or SD. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. Bill
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    Blue Iris and Plex on the Same server

    I am on the verge of building a blue iris server. I want to use the server for Plex also. I have the processor picked out. Xeon 1246v3. I am in the process of installing security cam's (IP 1080p Hikvision). So now I have a need for a NVR/DVR. I was looking to see if others have had...
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    Computer versus NVR

    When Should a person setup his/her own server versus buying a NVR? I am debating setting up a server versus buying an NVR. I have decided on Hikvision Cameras. I have 1 DS-2CD2332-I installed with a Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW on order. I wil have a max of 6 cameras. I have the skills to...
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    EnvisaLink 3 Remote control module for DSC and Honeywell Vista Panels

    I have a dsc system and installed the envisilink. It is very nice. I use the mobile app to control it. I know instantly when and who is entering my house via text messages. I even get a text when my internet is down at my house. This addition is well work the money.
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    Simple setup but networking issues

    I have a person (non tech) wants say 2 cameras. I am a tech person. So they are interested in 2 cameras with the possibility of up to 4. Here is the issue, there is wifi but I want a good resolution in order to identify a person if needed. Wires cannot be pulled due to a brick exterior and...