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  1. mlapaglia

    Condensation on IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E

    Anyone have this issue with their IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E? it's brand new where should I look for a source of the moisture?
  2. mlapaglia

    IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E What is going wrong?

    This car is moving about 5mph and ~12 ft away from the camera, the plate has no dirt on it. why is the image complete noisy trash? it's like the IR isn't on or something
  3. mlapaglia

    "Exposure Comp"

    I'm putting my first dahua into a LPR role. I'm adjusting my settings for nighttime exposure. I'm familiar with digital photography: iris, gain, shutter, etc all make sense. what does "exposure comp" do when the camera is in manual mode, which field is it overriding to adjust the exposure?
  4. mlapaglia

    OpenALPR Webhook Processor for IP Cameras

    I have created a docker container and windows application that can listen for OpenALPR webhooks when license plates are detected, parse pertinent information from the payload (plate #, make, model), and place them on the camera's text overlay. It also has a small dashboard to show recorded...
  5. mlapaglia

    possible mail thief

    perusing Nextdoor found this post from someone who lives in my neighborhood: took a peak at the 'ole blue iris andddd:
  6. mlapaglia

    OpenALPR Homeowner pricing

    has anyone seen OpenALPR's new pricing? $5/month/camera , a LOT cheaper than it used to be. i'm running the docker container on my unraid server on their 2 week trial right now.
  7. mlapaglia

    Dog almost catches squirrel

  8. mlapaglia

    Pear Tree Falls Over

  9. mlapaglia

    OpenALPR Build

    I wanted to see how small I could spend on a dedicated ALPR machine. I found a cheap ASRock FM1 motherboard, PSU, and old SSD in my closet. I got an A8-3870K CPU for $30 on ebay. I found a 2U server chassis to hold it 4GB of memory was barely enough for the OS and...
  10. mlapaglia

    OpenALPR, Ubuntu, and NVIDIA Acceleration

    I was able to get Ubuntu installed with OpenALPR using my GTX 1070 for acceleration this evening. It was able to run 2 720p 15fps license plate cameras on my mailbox with ~5-6% GPU usage. I was able to parse 30 second videos of the same resolution and framerate with the console app in about 5...
  11. mlapaglia

    Various captures over the past months

    Coyotes running around our house Coyotes in the neighbors yard Suspicious activity at night My dog trying to catch a treed cat Guy driving down the wrong side of the highway, complete with police radio I recorded and laid over the video after Fox running around the house Coyote in...
  12. mlapaglia

    Hikvision Night/Day Windows Service

    I've modified bp2008's code to work with Hikvision cameras also Dahua day/night switch utility - DahuaSunriseSunset I'm wondering if there is any interest? My code is here: mlapaglia/IpCameraSunriseSunset Right now it can handle changing both Hikvision and Dahua cameras from night to day...
  13. mlapaglia

    Hikvision 2 way audio

    I can hear audio from my DS-2CD2432F-IW but when I try to talk through my android blue iris app I can't hear anything. Any help would be appreciated! I tried both alaw and ulaw.
  14. mlapaglia

    LPR with maximum sensitivity not triggering

    One of my mailbox cameras isn't triggering on cars passing by at night. Here are the settings I'm using: It's sensitive enough that the time changing in the bottom corner is triggering motion!
  15. mlapaglia

    Selecting a few cameras for playback

    Someone ran over my neighbor's mailbox so I am trying to review my driveway camera and two mailbox cameras. Is there a way to only show a select number of cameras in synchronized playback, and have the right pane that holds the clip previews only show clips from one camera, while still playing...
  16. mlapaglia

    Coyote in the day

  17. mlapaglia

    Hikvision PIR with Blue Iris

    I have Hikvision set as follows: blue iris is set like this: When I walk in front of the camera I can see the PIR alarm status changing to "ON" from the camera, but BI isn't reacting to it. I found a couple threads that point to dead articles. I tried turning "Get events with...
  18. mlapaglia

    WTS Hikvision DS-7716NI-I4/16P

    It's got a small scratch on the lid, but otherwise excellent condition. Comes with a 1tb hard drive, rack mount ears, and mouse. Got it from Nelly's Security. $400 shipped.
  19. mlapaglia

    Multiple Hard Drives

    My current Hikvision NVR will "round robin" the 4 hard drives inside of it. Basically it is only recording to one hard drive at a time, and when it fills up, it moves to the next one. The advantage I see is the other 3 drives get powered down when they aren't being accessed. I would think it...
  20. mlapaglia

    System Usage Normal?

    I've seen a lot of threads where people show their system usage and someone says "omg that's way too high". I've got 13 cameras currently running, 10 * 4mp 10 fps and 2 * 2mp 15 fps. I have the latest intel video drivers installed and no GPU cards installed. I have direct to disk enabled and...
  21. mlapaglia

    Tinycam with Hikvision NVR

    Is there a certain series of settings that would get my Hikvision NVR to work with tinycam? I tried manually adding a stream and using the app's built in scanning feature to find the NVR, which it does, but I can't get anything to come up!
  22. mlapaglia

    240 feet range

    Does anyone have suggestions for a camera that can reach around 240 feet? Doesn't need to by PTZ necessarily. Got some people the police have started "keeping an eye on" and I want some juicy Youtube uploads in the future. Maybe the DS-2CD6026FHWD-(A) with 11-40mm lens? Preferably something...
  23. mlapaglia

    Suspicious activity

  24. mlapaglia

    Amazon delivery guy acting like USPS

    Our neighborhood recently had a number of packages "seized" by USPS from Amazon drivers who are putting non-USPS items into mailboxes instead of at their door. Technically a federal crime. The status was "delivered to mailroom", maybe it's a new contractor/employee?
  25. mlapaglia

    DS-2CD6412FWD-C1 Front Door Night Performance Preview

    Got a new DS-2CD6412FWD-C1 in the mail today. Unfortunately it's a chinese model (the seller on eBay didn't specify so I took a chance. Here is it taped to my front door with a 60 watt incandescent bulb illuminating the area. for $60 shipped I'm not upset with the performance DNR is off WDR...
  26. mlapaglia

    New Installation

    Tripp-Lite 13U server rack on casters. Yellow wires are NVR, blue are LAN. On bottom is an APC Smart-UPS 2200VA RM 2U I got off of a guy on craigslist for cheap that powers the backup server and NVR, second from bottom is a server I use for backups, third is the Nelly's NSN-7164K-16P. 4th is a...
  27. mlapaglia

    Dangerous Merging

    High score! 3 lanes in 1.5 seconds!
  28. mlapaglia

    Offroading Newspaper Man

    Here's a shot from the license plate cam. Since they are different resolutions avidemux won't let me merge them :(
  29. mlapaglia

    Semi Driver vs Power Lines

    Driver got caught on a cable line, snapped a utility pole in half pulling it, and took power away from ~2,100 residents.