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  1. bigredfish

    Another "That camera is following me" clip

    At least they had a good chuckle over it....
  2. bigredfish

    Bicycle thieves

    I notice a number of bicycle thieves/druggies passing by the entrance to our little cul-de-sac each night. Often heading south early and returning north later in the morning before sunrise... This one even had what looks like a stolen camera! (go full screen)...
  3. bigredfish

    Random observation re: V8 juice

    Is it just me or is there something about combing the taste of V8 juice with peanut butter (toast, crackers etc) that is unexpectedly delicious?
  4. bigredfish

    I hate it when that happens

    Samantha likes to lay right on the edge of the pool.... sometimes she forgets which way to roll over * apologize for the bad image, its a tough scene with dark under the patio and the bright sunshine/pool. Usually WDR evens it out pretty well, but this happened to be that difficult dusk hour...
  5. bigredfish

    More of Moms Bats

    Every night once the temps get up into the 90's...
  6. bigredfish

    Voices in my head...

    Part 1 (once youtube gets finished processing, select 1440p on the YT player for best video quality)
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    I'm just a Traveling man...

  8. bigredfish

    That camera is following us...

    Nice nighttime example of a spotter cam (fixed lens 5442 bullet in this case) calling the SD6AL433XA-HNR PTZ to track human movement...
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    More PTZ auto tracking fun with the SD6AL433XA-HNR (remember to change the YT player to 1440p)
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    Mom's Bats are back

  11. bigredfish

    Serious Problem

    Forget about global pandemics, inflation, stolen elections, the lie of CRT, crime rising off the charts, that our DOJ can’t find their ass with both hands, China eating our lunch at every turn, or that liberals can’t figure out which type of peepee they have,.... we have a SERIOUS PROBLEM...
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    Amazon Sidewalk- Attn Ring and Echo Dot owners
  13. bigredfish

    My Brand New LPR camera!

    Well, actually its 5 years old :p 5231EP-Z12E bought in 2016. I thought it was just the sun angle this time of year giving it a hazy image, but its gotten worse over the past 6 months or so. It was the clear plastic lens on the face of the camera. Apparently the sun and 5 years of weather took...
  14. bigredfish

    Paranoid much?

    LOL... I have my own opinion on what type of "medication" he's taking, but this was classic :rofl:
  15. bigredfish

    Old Analog camera still getting it done

    Just a clip from last night showing my 5 ? year old Dahua 3231 CVI analog bullet still getting the job done. The rolling horizontal lines are when the camera is adjusting its SmartIR, which works better than most of my IP cams, due to running on "dirty" power from the generator
  16. bigredfish

    5442 NI's and power outage

    We had a pretty sever wind storm come through ahead of a front about 6pm tonight and lost power. Duke Energy (criminals, but a story for another time) says after midnight for power restore so I broke out the generator. Just a couple of interesting shots. 5442T-ASE-NI bullets. 1/120 exposure...
  17. bigredfish

    I can do this!

  18. bigredfish

    Prayers Welcomed

    So Mom had a massive stroke yesterday. Talked with her about 10;30 am and she was having pain in her neck, and still a bit blah from effects of the 2nd Wuflu jab last Tuesday. Otherwise she was normal. Very active self sufficient 83yo Neighbor took her pie at noon and she was fine. I tried to...
  19. bigredfish

    Lets talk next level PTZ's with Laser IR

    As you may know I tested the 1/2.8 sensor model of the SD6AL445XA-HNR-IR and while I have a reasonably well lit scene and am happy with it for what it does, The Autotracking is awesome, and its daytime image great! But I found two things I'd change REVIEW: SD6AL445XA-HNR-IR 4MP 45x Starlight IR...
  20. bigredfish

    Western Europe goes full blown 1984

    German State Forbids Drivers From Wearing Masks, Sunglasses & Hats At Same Time | ZeroHedge Germany's Bild newspaper reports that Saxony, a region in Eastern Germany, has became the first region in the country to ban drivers from wearing hats and sunglasses while also being masked. Anybody...
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    2nd Amendment thread

    I figured we might as well dedicate a thread to 2A issues as the imbicile puppet in the White House along with the Nazi liberal "progressive" Democrats are going to make a run at cancelling it much like they have the 1st Amendment. This has been planned for some time and now that they know they...
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    Just a peaceful scene that caught my attention today

    View full screen Camera is an 5 year old 2MP 3231 CVI analog bullet
  23. bigredfish

    Coon in the pool

    Well, the spa actually... It was chilly for us here in Floriduh in the 40's that night. I don't think Mr Raccoon planned on a swim. Watch top of screen and go full screen, see the coon slide under a cut in the screen I later found he had been chewing a hole in. After the clip there was 12...
  24. bigredfish

    At least he's not drinking and driving

    Gotta give credit where credit is due.. Actually just more testing of the SD6AL445XA-HNR-IR - running color at night at 1/120 exposure. The 1/2.8 sensor just doesnt allow enough light for this location. Tracking continues to be rock solid however. Looking forward to the 1/1.8 sensor version of...
  25. bigredfish

    Any long range guys? I’ll be honest, I’m a 200 yds and in with a red dot and 3x magnifier kinda guy, but as I get older I may try my hand at long range..
  26. bigredfish

    Thats a lotta Snow

    Bro-in-law is up in Tioga County PA. 34" last night Forrest and Jenny didnt know what to make of it.. (yes they're pets)
  27. bigredfish

    Progressive Liberal Hypocrisy

    I’ll start ....
  28. bigredfish

    Sad News

    Walter Williams passed away today. He was a gentleman and a Great American. There is less Good in the world without him. RIP Mr Williams Economist, Syndicated Columnist Walter E. Williams Dies
  29. bigredfish

    REVIEW: SD6AL445XA-HNR-IR 4MP 45x Starlight IR AI PTZ

    Many thanks once again to Andy @EMPIRETECANDY we have for testing the SD6AL445XA-HNR-IR 4MP 45x Starlight IR AI PTZ This camera has been provided by Andy in exchange for a fair and honest review. This is a 3.95 mm–177.7 mm lens camera with the 1/2.8” sensor. AliExpress Link & Specs: (Current...