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  1. bob2701

    Thought I lost a camera

    On my screen it looked like one of my cameras died, but then I went outside to check....
  2. bob2701

    How to correct dark face on doorbell cam without washing out the background.

    On my Ezviz DB1 which faces North faces are dark while the background is perfect. What to adjust to correct? Bob
  3. bob2701

    Blue Iris Key expire???

    Either Amcrest is confused or I'm confused.
  4. bob2701

    Can't convert more than 30 minutes.

    I'm trying to pull out 150 minutes from a 8 hour clip for the local PD but it keeps stopping at 30 minutes. I set the start for 8AM and the stop for 10:30AM but it only convert from 8 to 8:30. Blue Iris x64
  5. bob2701

    Program to diagram network.

    Anyone know a good program for diagramming a network layout?
  6. bob2701

    Cooper's Hawk

    A Cooper's Hawk checking out my bird feeders. I like the way he turns and looks at the camera near the end.
  7. bob2701


    I cannot access the system from the IOS Blue Iris app on my iPhone. I have had my system up and running for a couple of years now and decided to move all my cameras onto a VLAN. Using a Ubiquiti USG and had no problem setting up the VLAN. Local LAN is 192.168.0.XXX and VLAN is 172.16.0.XXX. I...
  8. bob2701

    Convert analog camera to IP

    I just recently switched to IP cameras. I have a couple of the old analog cameras (LOFTEK® Naja-6H 1/3" HDIS CCD 600TVLines (High Qaulity Chip, is equal to 1000TVL) Bullet CCTV Camera LED Array Night Vision Security Outdoor Surveillance Video Camera) which are excellent for night time. Is...
  9. bob2701

    24 hour recording

    Still learning my way around BI. I have one camera I want to record continuous and after 24 hours move from New to Stored as 1 file. It will stay in New as one file but not move to Stored.
  10. bob2701

    VPN Primer

    Can anyone point me to a VPN primer? I have a Asus RT-AC66U router and looking to set up a VPN but do not have a clue where to start.
  11. bob2701

    Mini PTZ presets

    Hi, I have been playing with the presets on a Mini PTZ 3X and have not been able to have the preset remember the zoom level. Is this possible?
  12. bob2701

    Tracking info from China

    Hi all, is it normal not to get any tracking updates while the package is still in China? This is what I see when I check the tracking info. 2016.01.25 17:09...
  13. bob2701

    Best place to buy.

    I just started playing with the demo of Blue Iris and like it very much. Where is the best place to buy the full product? Demo upgrade says $59, Amazon says $79, other places say anywhere from $42 to $99. Is this all the same product? Are there different packages? Thanks for the help. Bob
  14. bob2701


    Just a quick not to say hi to everyone. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do.