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  1. NorthBendDave

    Camera suggestions for my entry areas

    Looking for suggested Andy cams for 3 locations at my house #1 is carport. The left cam is currently a stock Lorex 3.6mm. The driveway light sometimes causes issues when a white truck parks below it The right cam is a T5442T-ZE that I am happy with. (get another for the left?)
  2. NorthBendDave

    Video recording "warning" signs

    I see places that have signs warning that there are cameras. Are these required by a law (I'm in King County, Washington) To me, I feel it is a warning to pull up your hoodie and cover your face.
  3. NorthBendDave

    Amazon Order

    I just ordered an NVR. NVR5216-16P-4KS2E
  4. NorthBendDave

    Adjusting camera exposure.

    I have a Lorex NVR system that I added a Dahua T5442T-ZE. I had an incident this morning and realized I REALLY need to make some camera adjustments. The Lorex system NVR does NOT have the Internet explorer icon to access the camera. Do I need to pull the cams and connect through a switch to...
  5. NorthBendDave

    dhi-nvr5216-16p-i 4tb Any thoughts?

    Local guy has a new in box unit for sale. Dahua has an EOL tag on it. Dahua NVR5216-16I-I
  6. NorthBendDave

    Does Aliexpress charge sales tax?

    If you live in the USA, does aliexpress ad the sales tax of your state?
  7. NorthBendDave

    Possible sff for BI?

    Getting tired of my Lorex NVR. Found a computer for sale local to me. Dell Optiplex 3040: i5-6500, 16g ram, 1T hard drive. Win 10 Pro, can go Win 11 for $10 more. It looks like this is acceptable according to the WIKI. My question is, will my lorex cameras work with BI? I have 8 cameras...
  8. NorthBendDave

    2 network cards to isolate NVR?

    Reading the WIKI for double NIC in a BI machine. Wouldn't this work the same with 2 NICs in my PC with the second one connected to the NVR? The purpose is to isolate the NVR from the internet.
  9. NorthBendDave

    Lorex NVR issue

    My Lorex suddenly changed from recording all MD (green bar marked with yellow marks) on each camera view, to only show all camera's MD indications on cam view 1. I discovered this watching playback in sync view. Any idea how to get each camera to show their own MD? I have 7 cameras connected to it.
  10. NorthBendDave

    IPC-T5442T-ZE Day/night settings

    Looking to make adjustments to my shutter speeds. I noticed my ambient lighting is enough that it never goes out of color mode. does this mean it doesn't go into "night" mode?
  11. NorthBendDave

    Wow, what a diff size makes: 4MP Lorex vs 4MP Dahua (IPC-T5442T-ZE)

    Just replaced one of my cams with the Dahua. This is with no tweaking of settings. Recorded on a Lorex Ultra 4K NVR.
  12. NorthBendDave

    my driveway lighting situation

    I have 2 4 MP cameras (Lorex) with crossing views over my driveway. I have an LED driveway light between both lights. There is also a street light out there to the right. First pic is normal night lighting. Second is a Thief driving away with my neighbors tools. I zoomed in on the thief to...
  13. NorthBendDave

    Lorex LNB4163: Is it a Dahua OEM?

    Bought this system in 2018. Trying to find if this camera is upgradeable, or if a better Dahua camera is compatible. It is a Lorex NR900 series (4K) NVR