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  1. Silas

    Any one use Free (unlicensed) Windows 10 w/ Blue Iris?

    As a side note, ALL those that used the "Permanently Activate your M$ products for free" mainly seen on youtube, that get you to run a few lines of code that connect to 'some' KMS servers... They went offline yesterday :)
  2. Silas

    Which new Intel NUC?

    OK, I HAVE run BI on a few Intel NUC's, from a celeron, YEAH !! for testing, but mainly 2 x i7 5th and 7th gen machines. I had the machines and decided to test with them, I have the full height units units, so I have 2 drives (SSD), I used Windows 10 professional for the OS. Operation is...
  3. Silas

    For those that need to run PoE that bit extra ;-)

    Not seen this before, may be of some use to peeps on here who need more than the 100m Mikrotik GPeR extending PoE cable runs
  4. Silas

    Deconstruction of a dangerous misleading youtube review "Finding the BEST 4K Security Camera NVR Package (Reolink vs Amcrest vs Swann)"

    I've watched a few of his videos and some from the others mentioned, my feelings are that he has now identified himself as an 'influencer' and as such now believes his own rhetoric, I would imagine that he has obtained a cosy relationship with suppliers like Reolink and others, and the lure of...
  5. Silas

    Hello from Perth - CCTV and Intercomm Integration Question

    Decent pricing, another sandgroper here, I would suggest you 'possibly' think about a 16 port NVR, reason? once you start you often find that you want more :) Not able to offermuch help on the dahua as my setup is hikvision stuff. in place for a few years now, otherwise welcome and enjoy
  6. Silas

    DS-7608NI-SE Not quite a brick

    Hmm Pale Moon works fine on the cameras but NOT on the NVR OK, there are a few posts on here about similar issues, mine was an issue with Windows 10 , but I do know that the IE Tab extension on chrome will allow me to see both the NVR and Cameras with full access.
  7. Silas

    DS-7608NI-SE Not quite a brick

    Try using pale moon browser
  8. Silas

    Browser for connecting to camera and view playback

    There are a few other posts on here that 'cover' similar issues, one for me was that Windows 10 had done something on an update that NOW rendered Pale Moon as not 100% I proved this with a new install and no updates and Pale Moon worked just fine, and as is with Windows, it also worked fine...
  9. Silas

    Latest New NVR4XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.001.0000003.1.R.200813

    Cheers, just the info I needed
  10. Silas

    Latest New NVR4XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.001.0000003.1.R.200813

    Hi, can I just ask, what version of firmware were you on before 4.0? I am used to hikvision where you can see previous ones on the download page, but so far for me on dahua i can only see the 4.0 versions Cheers
  11. Silas

    ismart ? Dahua nvr help if possible

    1st off, I have limited experience of the 'Dahua' side of things, but plenty on both BI and Hikvision, so I do know my way around them. I have encountered via a friend the following unit. ismart 4208 4k 8 port poe nvr 2017/02/24 Using what I now so far, it appears to be a...
  12. Silas

    NVR systems - Dahua or Hikvision...or other?

    IMHO I found the Dahua interface to be a little retro and old fashioned The Hikvision early models was slightly better, but still ancient, the newer one only slightly better Blue Iris is a powerful PC based option, but has a steep learning curve. If you have the situation where 'others' may...
  13. Silas

    Why does Blue Iris require administrator privileges (UAC prompt)?

    No point, i keep it in a folder called pr0n with a password of password1 so no chance they will ever guess that. :)
  14. Silas

    hikvision firefox "your browser is not supported"

    Something was bugging me, so as time is available currently.... My main machine is a brand new NUC with Windows 10 1909 pro and this I 'thought' was clean as such. I had a recent issue where chrome would not update to the latest version and nothing I tried resolved the issue, I then had an...
  15. Silas

    Hikvision NVR not accessible in web browser

    NFI as to why they are/could be different, but in side note, I just dropped 2 of my cameras back 1 update to 'fix' the issue that they had with web browsers... Whilst on the surface this things look simple. the truth is way deeper than that, as I am learning (yeah yeah Alistair I know it's a...
  16. Silas

    Hikvision NVR not accessible in web browser

    Mine is V3.4.103 build 181226, BUT be aware that 'sometimes' they are country dependent, so check the portal that covers your continent, mine is Australia ")
  17. Silas

    Hikvision NVR not accessible in web browser

    OK, I would suggest you install the hikvision batch configuration tool and use that to browse the nvr, I have found (c) alastairstevenson that i can see what my browsers could not see. From what you have replied, the issue appears to be with the NVR itself. not your network/modem/router/ports...
  18. Silas

    Hikvision NVR not accessible in web browser

    OK, at what point do you get that message? I am assuming that you have opened the browser of choice Entered the IP that you have set for the NVR This has then brought up the actual logon screen for the NVR You enter the username and password THEN you get the error message?
  19. Silas

    Hikvision NVR not accessible in web browser

    can you snapshot the actual error? does not match - not sure what that indicates
  20. Silas

    hikvision firefox "your browser is not supported"

    OK, did some more research and found that the FW I used (190909) is only available on the EU portal, the last one on the UK portal is So I d/l that one , used batch configuration and installed it to one unit Bingo... I can now use Pale Moon (with vlc plugin) and...
  21. Silas

    hikvision firefox "your browser is not supported"

    OK, now you have me worried, by custom are you 'suggesting' that the firmware I obtained from the genuine Hikvision Portal may have been modified by parties other than Hikvision? Because despite my moniker and background, it has not been modded by me. I got nothing from the url on any browser...
  22. Silas

    hikvision firefox "your browser is not supported"

    I have attached the output from the working and non working units and the onvif screen
  23. Silas

    hikvision firefox "your browser is not supported"

    Yup I know they are, I just d/l ie11 again for sanity sake and...
  24. Silas

    hikvision firefox "your browser is not supported"

    I'm on Windows 10 1909 and have 2 x 2142FWD-IS 5.5.82 190909 and no browsers can access them, even the inbuilt ie11 on edge or the ietab add on alastairstevenson Suggested the batch tool and I was able to use that to make the change I needed But the lack of access just bugs me, and I have...
  25. Silas

    http or rtsp when setting up a camera?

    I have 4 hikvision cameras (2332 x 2 & 2142 x 2) connected to a hikvision nvr, THAT setup works just as I need, but as a tinkerer I have a 2nd system that is Blue Iris and am exploring the functions and features, as such I install cameras following advice from this forum and in that instance I...
  26. Silas

    iVMS-4200 pre-record... does it work?

    My 'understanding' is that it only works if you also have continuous set as well, then it has the ability to borrow the pre footage. in other words, when the unit is triggered it will just loop the previous footage before the event occurs
  27. Silas

    Hikvision Remote Access via Web Browser is Gone...

    Are you on Windows 10? and did you update recently, either auto or manual... Did you also update the firmware in the units to the most recent?
  28. Silas

    Unable to access information using any browser to update cameras

    My NVR is a DS7604NI-E1 with the latest FW 181226 and I have 2 units below 5.5.81 and 2 above, even iVMS4200 no longer sees the units for main view :( I have a PC that runs BI . so I use that do do any live view So (for me) the list of what works and what does not is not correct. My OS is W10...
  29. Silas

    Unable to access information using any browser to update cameras

    H O L Y S H I T I had NEVER even considered this tool, my background assumed it was for creating a template style file that would be used to configure multiple (as in 000) for speedy deployment. What is does is perfect for what I need... Once again I am in your debt kind sir