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    WTS [EU] Hikvision Chinese 8MP 1/2" cameras 3840 x 2160

    I have 5x 2.8mm DS-2CD3T86FWDV2-I3 and 1x 6mm DS-2CD3T86FWDV2-I5S they are Chinese models which means they have Chinese web interface and won't work on International Hikvision NVRs, but you can use it on 3rd party ones or on a PC with BlueIris. Cameras were not used in a location, but I have...
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    WTS Various single board computers: Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, ASUS TinkerBoard

    Raspberry Pi 1B: Raspberry Pi 1 Model B with Case | eBay Raspberry Pi 3B: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 1.2ghz Quad Core 64bit 1gb | eBay Raspberry Pi 3B+: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+Rpi 3 B Plus With 1Gb Bcm2837B0 1.4Ghz Arm Cortex-A5 E3U8 194452055845 | eBay Orange Pi PC: Orange Pi PC H3 Quad-core 1GB...
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    WTS [EU] Ubiquiti Networks UniFi AC Pro Wireless Access Point - UAP-AC-PRO

    Selling one on eBay: Ubiquiti Networks UniFi AC Pro Wireless Access Point - UAP-AC-PRO 810354024054 | eBay
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    WTS [EU] Hikvision DS-KB6403-WIP 2MP 12V Wifi Doorbell

    Selling one on eBay: Hikvision 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Video Smart Doorbell 2MP Colour Camera DS-KB6403-WIP | eBay
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    WTS [EU] SainSmart DDS140 USB Oscilloscope

    Selling this on eBay SainSmart DDS140 2-channel PC USB Digital Oscilloscope 40Mhz 200MSa/s | eBay
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    WTS [EU] PNY geforce rtx 2070 Super mini graphics card

    Excellent condition Ebay link: PNY geforce rtx 2070 Super mini graphics card GF RTX 2070 Super 8GB GDDR6 | eBay
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    WTS [EU] YooSee SD-M5 doorbell: 1080p, PoE, RTSP

    Bought this doorbell, but never used. Open box, some items were unpacked to take photos. Excellent condition. Sending this from EU, so you won't have to wait ages to come from overseas. Ebay link: YooSee SD-M5 doorbell with chime: 1080p, passive PoE wired or wireless, RTSP | eBay See forum...
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    WTS [EU] SkyRC imax b6 mini Balance Charger/Discharger

    Purchased this, but never used. Still has protective stickers applied. You need to use your own DC 11-18V power supply to power this. Included: SkyRC imax B6 mini Profession Balance Charger/Discharger Leads (see photo) Instruction manual Ebay link: Genuine SkyRC imax b6 mini Balance...
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    WTS [EU] Hantek DSO 5072P Digital Oscilloscope, modified

    Very good condition. Used only several times and still has screen protector applied. The ebay listing is here: Hantek DSO5072P 1GS/s Digital Oscilloscope | eBay The datasheet is here: Included: Hantek 5072P digital oscilloscope Two Hantek PP-90...
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    Which firmware for IPC-T5442TM-AS?

    Which is the best firmware version so far for IPC-T5442TM-AS? I am a bit lost between forum threads menioning smart IR issues, SMD issues and whatnot.
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    AcuSense cameras with non-AcuSense NVR?

    I am wondering if human/vehicle motion filtering work together with non-AcuSense NVRs when AcuSense camera is used?
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    LED vs IR consideration

    Is there any consensus in the forum when you should prefer LED lighting (which is in those "full color" cameras) over IR and vice versa? I've checked cliff notes and LED is not mentioned at all. While reading reviews I get the idea that: LED lighting is good for restricted spaces (eg. entrance...
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    How to: access Chinese devices from iVMS-4200

    Just found out how to access Chinese devices from iVMS-4200. It seems like Hikvision made a mistake while packaging iVMS-4200 Lite and enabled this functionality out of the box! Nevertheless, same applies to "full" iVMS-4200 version. Step 1: Open Setup.xml file, which is located in the...
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    How SD card recordings work?

    Hi, it seems like a lot of Hikvision cameras support micro SD cards. My idea is to do continuous recording in NVR and to do motion recording to SD card. Is it possible? I would like to reduce wear on memory card by doing that.
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    LED vs IR lighting

    It seems that some new cameras are providing visible spectrum LED lighting exclusively. Do you think it's a good option compared to IR for outdoor home surveillance? I am a bit worried that it might not be as affective as IR.
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    Dahua HS vs non-HS NVR differences

    I cam looking at Dahua's NVR4108-8P-4KS2 vs NVR4108HS-8P-4KS2. Seems like they have identical specifications but a bit different dimensions. Are there any practical differences between them?
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    Difference between playback and preview channels?

    Hi, I have bought a NVR from china which supports 8 preview channels with 3MP/4MP cameras, but only supports 4 playback channels for 3MP cameras and 2 channels for 4MP cameras. What is the difference between preview and playback channel?