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  1. Teken

    Guess you need to work on that AI

    This is another perfect example of lazy people who rely too heavily on automation. We all know so called AI technology is still very young and needs to get better. One would think something that has a financial and legal impact on a citizen the government would embrace the human element to...
  2. Teken

    Just no hope

    I just don’t know what’s going on in the world these days. How people can just sit there and do nothing to help another human being. Whether it be to call 911 or press a freaking help button! [emoji107] The video is in the article . . .
  3. Teken

    eBay - Expired Sales?!?

    Has anyone noticed some really strange behaviour on eBay?!? More specifically if you select watch this item a day later it shows up as expired even though it had say 5-10 days left in the auction?? [emoji2357] At first I thought it had to be my mistake of the listing ending on time - it wasn’t...
  4. Teken

    Email - Possible to view replies?

    Lots of forums I participate in send emails that either provide a quick glance of the latest reply or the entire thing. Does this forum offer such a feature if so would the Admins consider turning it on? My business case is receiving email is rock solid and allows me to quickly view content...
  5. Teken

    Smart door bell harassment - 100K

    I thought this article was interesting yet confusing at the same time. The UK is one of the most surveilled countries in the world. Almost every open space is monitored by video security. The article doesn’t really explain how the cameras were used to harass the long time member?!? Besides when...
  6. Teken

    Interesting Win 4 Privacy

    I found the ruling on this case very interesting given the endless erosion of privacy all over the world. It’s clear to me the judge followed common sense, expectations of privacy, and the rule of law. Not just the rule of law but the spirit of the law! [emoji106] His reference to a person...
  7. Teken

    SSD vs HDD - Long Term Reliability

    A great article that references the Back Blaze companies tracking and experience in using both media. Given the only advantages of using SSD over HDD (as of this writing) is speed and throughput but the huge costs doesn’t seem to be worth it in terms of the touted long term use (reliability)...
  8. Teken

    Patent Win - For the small guy

    This is a perfect example of the legal system working to protect a free market and competition from patent trolls as seen here: It goes without saying if they had lost the next move would have been toward...
  9. Teken

    Wyze 3 - RTSP Support

    I know lots of people who own this popular camera and wanted to see RTSP support. As of this writing this can be done by following this resource link:
  10. Teken

    Google Domain & Web Page - What is your experience???

    This year I decided to push forward on several business ventures and used Google to register my latest domain. Prior to that have been using Go Daddy as the domain register which was a complete mistake from the onset. The cost difference is substantial between the two and what you get from...
  11. Teken

    Water Pump - Rain barrel solution

    I wanted to know if there are any members who operate a rain barrel catchment system if so what has been a proven and reliable water pump. I’m not too hung up on 12 VDC vs 120 VAC. But do prefer a 120 VAC pump so I don’t need to worry about a battery (solar) system that is still in the planning...
  12. Teken

    Postal Scale - What do you use and which to buy?!?

    I am in the market to purchase a postal scale and was hoping some of the forum members have first hand experience with some of these units. I tried to narrow the hardware based on the most reviews and ratings. One would think going this route would help in making that buying decision. Like many...
  13. Teken

    Halloween Decorations - Show me what you do

    Every year when Halloween comes to our city I am always so impressed with the amount of work and dedication people invest in this annual event. I've been seriously considering doing the same for many years but rampant theft and vandalism has always been ever present. :mad: I thought I would buy...
  14. Teken

    Fiery of Mother Nature

    Home video of a flash flood that clearly shows conditions can change in mere seconds. Very sad to hear about the loss of life.
  15. Teken

    I’m just looking!

    Not sure if this has been posted but saw this when it first came out a few months ago. But thought how lucky the guy was he wasn’t shot dead by the home owner! As last year my cousins little girl was taking out the garbage in the garage. Someone broke through the side door at the same time...
  16. Teken

    Wyze Price Increase

    I know there are quite a few people who enjoy using Wyze hardware. Prices for their hardware will increase starting May 18, 2021. If you’ve been on the fence in buying any of their cheap hardware this might be the time to stock up or purchase! [emoji106] I’ve never personally used any of their...
  17. Teken

    Attempted highway robbery - CIT Driver is one cool operator

    Having watched this video easily a dozen times there are countless things that race through my head: Awareness: The driver shows 110% situational awareness of his surroundings and environment and the people around him. Attitude: The driver remains calm, cool, and collected at all times and...
  18. Teken

    Gas Station Explosion - Truly a WTF???

    I saw this last week and had to really shake my head as to WTF was going on. Skip to time interval of 2:14 to watch how this fire was started at a local gas station. I don't pretend to know if this is a combination of mental illness vs long term drug abuse. Regardless, this is one of those...
  19. Teken

    How To Stop A Robbery

    I’ve seen lots of robberies in my time but have to say I’ve never seen or considered this reactive move! [emoji2357][emoji1787]
  20. Teken

    I guess this won’t buff out!

  21. Teken

    Dinosaur - Really WTF?!?

    I honestly can’t say I’ve seen one of these videos. But, since it’s Friday here’s a good laugh to end the week! [emoji1787]
  22. Teken

    RTMP Firmware - AcuSense & ColorVu Limited Support

    Hikvision most recently provided firmware that updates the hardware to support RTMP. As of this writing there isn't an official release of this firmware or what hardware it covers. All I know is it covers the AcuSense & ColorVu G2 models. I've been told there is also a G1 version of this...
  23. Teken

    Don’t see this everyday