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    Nelly’s Doorbell

    Like new Nelly’s Doorbell. I don’t have the original box. $50 shipping included.
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    Nelly’s Colorvu Bullet

    I just received the camera Friday, so far I love it. This is pitch black with the camera light on. I will be getting at least one more of them.
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    Trouble connecting via T-Mobile Cellular

    Hello, I’ve been running IVMS-4500 for a couple years now over openvpn using Att with a iPhone 7plus with no issues until today. We switched to T-Mobile using the same iPhones that we used on Att network. While on our home WiFi we have no issues with So I went to a WiFi spot other than my home...
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    Nelly’s Security 1080p system

    Hello, I have three Of these cameras NSC-204-BT Outdoor HD 4MP IP Bullet Security Camera 4mm One 4 channel 1080p Nvr with a one TB hard drive. Everything is one year old and works perfectly. I upgraded to a 4K system. $200 shipping included.
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    123 security

    Have any of you ordered from them, shipping seems super slow to me.
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    iOS 10

    I just downloaded it this morning, so far so good. My phone seems like a new one. I have a 6s plus, and had nothing but trouble with iOS 9.. I will wait until next year to upgrade to a 7.
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    Satellite internet

    Have any of you used Hughs net? TWC has a monopoly on our internet service. I have had enough of them I'm not sure Hughs will have enough bandwidth?
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    Odd ivms 4500 issue

    I run open VPN to look at my cameras when I'm not at home via ivms 4500 app for my iPhone. One camera in particular will not open on the single screen, it will open it on the 4 channel view. I've never had this problem until this morning. It is giving out error code 8200..
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    ??'s for someone way smarter than me

    I have a 4 channel nvr from Nelly's That is a re-branded Hikvision. My question is if I upgrade to a 4K nvr that is compatible with my Hikvision cameras would it output the 2688x1520 resolution to my Samsung 42" 4K tv that I use for a monitor? Next question would my tv broadcast that resolution...
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    Linksys EA8500 Router and Linksys RE6700 Range Extender

    Both of these are less than a year old and work great. The only reason I'm selling them is I wanted a Router with built in VPN. All manuals and original boxes. $125 for everything shipped to your door.
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    Mounting Hikvision Turrets

    I'm looking to buy a couple exir turrets, can they be wall mounted? Are they a pain to adjust that way?
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    Port forwarding

    I'm getting ready to setup my new Asus rt-ac88u router. I'm going to open vpn do I still do port forwarding like normal for my Hikvision nvr?
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    Opinions wanted

    Hello, I'm new to this hobby, and it is addicting. I'm looking for a higher end 4 channel Poe nvr system with two 4 or 5mp bullet cameras and two motorized 4 or 5mp bullets. I live out in the country and it is pitch black, so good night vision is very important to me. I have a rebranded...
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    I have a bullet camera wall mounted over my front door. My question is if I swap that camera out with a dome camera (wall mounted) will that give me a better field of view? Will it allow me to see a person better at my door? Here is the camera I'm talking about. Thanks, Mark
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    Help with adjusting camera's night vision

    I'm Hello folks, I'm extremely new to this stuff! Can you guys help me with my camera? Daytime they look great, night time not so much. The cameras are at their default settings. Here is a screen shot at night. It is pitch black out there. I have a rebranded system from Nelly's. These are...