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  1. Ratfink11

    Dahua PTZ Camera SD59225U-HNI Network Bandwidth Requirements

    Hi All, I was hoping someone could check my math for bandwidth requirements for my dahua ptz cameras SD59225U-HNI. From what I can figure for the highest resolution running H264 at 50fps requires on the high side 8 Mbps per camera. Does this sound right for a 2MP camera? I've got 4 runs of...
  2. Ratfink11

    Face Detection, IVS, Heat Map, Smart Plan Setup Questions

    Hi All, Ok, so the features of Face Detection, Heat Map, and IVS together seems confusing to me. :banghead: How do I setup all three on the camera? If Im using IVS. Under Smart Plan menu Heat Map and Face Detection is Disabled/Greyed out. Can I only use one out of the three at a time? If I...
  3. Ratfink11

    SD59225U-HNI DH_SD-Eos_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.810.0000000.4.R.200509 Current Firmware & Webplugin Issues

    Hi All, This is to track current problems with latest firmware. (SD59225U-HNI DH_SD-Eos_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.810.0000000.4.R.200509) Since I have more than 20 cameras using this firmware in real life I might be seeing more problems than evaluation. additionally, having a large investment Im...
  4. Ratfink11

    Dahua IVS Boundary Line Setup, Intrusion, In/Out

    Hi All, When viewing the actual recording through any video player I am seeing some choppy and missing frames from my video before, during, or after IVS triggered events. Some questions I have. Any thoughts on how to eliminate these choppy missing frames in the video before during and after an...
  5. Ratfink11

    24/7 Video Recording Path Recommendations

    Hi All, I was wondering which is more efficient or less rescource usage when setting up cameras for 24/7 recording. I have 20 Dahua PTZ Cameras, SD59225U-HNI. I am recording 24/7. All cameras have Micro SD Cards Class 10. I am using Dahua DMSS Express for video management software and live...
  6. Ratfink11

    Dahua PTZ Camera SD59225U-HNI, Firmware V2.800.0000000.5.R.E4.2512.3S.NR, Build Date: 2019-08-27,Bug?

    Camera firmware, System Version V2.800.0000000.5.R.E4.2512.3S.NR, Build Date: 2019-08-27 Verify ALL camera settings if you make any changes to the NAME section of ANY part of the cameras device settings. Specifically I have experienced... change the HOST NAME in the TCP/IP section it may wipe...
  7. Ratfink11

    Dahua IVS and or Motion Detection?

    Regarding IVS, should I be using motion detection with IVS? OR Just IVS?
  8. Ratfink11

    GDMSS Plus Push Notifications do not work with latest firmware/GDMSS app

    HI All Please forgive me up front for being a but frustrated... SD59225UHNI PTZ Cameras running Firmware: 2.800.0000000.5.R, Build Date: 2019-08-27 GDMSS Plus 4.90.000, Nov 1, 2019. GDMSS Push notifications no longer work with these 2 firmware and mobile app versions. I have spent days...
  9. Ratfink11

    Dahua PTZ Camera SD59225U-HNI Face Detection, Heat Map Setup Questions

    Dahua PTZ Camera SD59225U-HNI Firmware Version: SD-Eos_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.800.0000000.5.R.190827 Hi everyone, trying to figure out how the face detection and heat map works. I have attached images. First image is Smart Plan page, I have IVS setup, but the Heat Map and Face Detection are...
  10. Ratfink11

    Dahua PTZ Camera SD59225U-HNI Firmware Check

    Hi everyone, Im running several of the Dahua PTX SD59225U-HNI Cameras with firmware version. V2.623.0000000.13.R.181205 . I will be upgrading to firmware version V2.800.0000000.5.R.190827 hopefully in the next couple weeks. I found a strange problem affecting the time/date on one of my...
  11. Ratfink11

    Parabolic Microphones,

    Hey All, I posted a response on another post regarding Microphones, Sensitivity issues, noise, and Parabolic Domes. There was some interest so I though I would post here if this is useful as others are asking what these look like and the distances I have been getting with certain Microphones...
  12. Ratfink11

    Dahua PTZ Camera SD59225U-HNI Firmware Issues, Features

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if and when some of the concerns with camera firmware might be addressed. Is any of the firmware available to developers? Create our own camera firmware? Firmware issues/features: --- left/right PTZ Limits: This would help prevent the ptz cameras from launching into...
  13. Ratfink11

    Dahua SD59225UHNI PTZ Video Settings Moving Objectd

    Hi everyone, I was researching and seemingly getting conflicting info. Im repairing my camera setup after a recent breakin. We caught them. However they damaged what they stole. I need quality video with lots of fast motion, at night, and recognize facial and license plates. I really could...
  14. Ratfink11

    10 Dahua SD59225U-HNI PTZ Cams BI Setup Issues

    Hi all, I have 10 SD59225U-HNI PTZ Cams installed on one of my buildings and currently using SmartPss. I had difficulties seting up BI in the beggining but would like to try again. The issues I was experiencing was the following. 1. What Dahua PTZ Camera model in the BI setup should I use...
  15. Ratfink11

    SD59225U-HNI latest firmware location

    This must be a secret? Not sure why the largest camera company would give all thier cameras the ability to auto update firmware feature that is broken? Still, I am looking for the latest firmware for my SD59225U-HNI ptz cameras. While im asking. Is there any possibility to get the firmware...
  16. Ratfink11

    Dahua SD59225U-HNI PTZ Playing Sound through speaker IVS/Motion trigger

    Hi Everyone. Seems In destined to be disappointed after spending thousands and thousands of dollars on cameras. It appears that Dahua give priority and the best WORKING software updates to their CHEAP cameras but not to the expensive cameras? The problem is I need my cameras to do 3 things. 1...
  17. Ratfink11

    Dahua Camera IVS Triggering multiple cameras from one camera

    Hi Everyone, I thought I saw someone setup a way to improve IVS by triggering one camera to activate another ptz camera? anyone have a link? thanks
  18. Ratfink11

    Dahua IVS Tuning

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to ask a question regarding the min/max intrusion box sizes. 1. When you draw the minimum or maximum size box is it the shape of the box or the area of the box that is used? Ex: If I draw a horizontal rectangle box the size of a dog does IVS specifically use the drawn...
  19. Ratfink11

    gDMSS Plus Latest Update Concerns

    There was an update issued for gDMSS Plus this evening for the Android App Version 4.90.000 Nov 1, 2019 I have prevented gDMSS Plus from automatic updates. Might anyone know where to find the previous version? Problems that are challenging. Removal of the virtual PTZ left right up down...
  20. Ratfink11

    Hi....Tired of being robbed by drug addicts

    Hi everyone, I have a dozen Dahua ptz cameras. Tired of the homeless drug addicts stealing from me. 2 way audio is a fantastic deterrent along with using the camera relays spraying ground ghost chili peppers in water. On a decent size will be perimeter sensors....