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    Hikvision NVR4.0 firmware file export is extremely slow

    NVR4.0 firmware exports files in the background as opposed to older NVR 3.x firmware that does it in foreground. This allows the NVR to be used in the meantime whereas older firmware basically puts one on hold until all files are done exporting. It seems NVR4.0 exports one file every...
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    5.6.11 firmware update for 2CD7A26 ANPR cameras

    I was having some recognition issues on cars that were coming in around 40degree angles with a fair number of captures as ‘no plate’ even though they could be read fairly easily by eye. Granted it was beyond their published recommendations, but my older 2CD4A26 worked much better side-by-side...
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    Hikvision NVR Liveview remote access

    I want to be able to setup a monitor anywhere in the house where I have a ethernet drop to view exactly what I see coming out of the NVR's HDMI port without being physically next to my NVR(s). Don't need menu access although it might be useful. Ideally, I'm hoping to run a small low power RPi...