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    Help needed! HFW5241E-Z12E Zoom & Focus screen has no video display

    I've been lurking/learning for the past year. I've had a HFW5241E-Z12E for license plate capture (no LPR software) and two turrets monitoring my front and back yard. After countless settings-configurations on the Z12E only producing "meh" nighttime images I saw this post and decided to grab a...
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    Opinions please on these 4 cams + NVR

    Hi. Really hoping to get some experienced opinions on this setup before I pull the trigger. We recently moved into new construction at the edge of a very large development (~1000 units in 15-20 subdivisions). Our property is on the corner of the last side street before a dead end at the edge...
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    Hi from North Carolina

    Hi folks! Been lurking for a month since my neighbor's open garage was burglarized and his Ring didn't detect motion. He mentioned something about "wi-fi jamming" as a possible explanation. Soon after this I learned about "deauth attacks" and lost all faith in my 2 Ring cameras. We recently...