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  1. lojix

    8MP bullet Cameras

    A few days ago I received an order of DS-2CD2385FWD-i Turret cameras however bullet cameras would better suit the location of two of the areas. I have been looking around at the different models and I'm having difficulty finding out the difference between DS-2CD2083G0-i and DS-2CD2085FWD-i. I'm...
  2. lojix

    How to - Stream an IP Camera To a TV

    One of the benefits of IP cameras over analog is the added versatility. Integration with the digital network has made accessing and viewing cameras much easier. One way of adding extra visual control of an IP camera system, is by having its stream accessible to be monitored on a standard...
  3. lojix

    Blue Iris V4 Compatibility With IOS App

    Is anyone using the Blue Iris IOS app with V4? If so is there any known issues or compatibility problems?
  4. lojix

    Why Does Frame Rate Vary?

    As the title says, why does the Frame Rate vary in Blue Iris? I have my cams set at 25fps and have the option for 'Adjust Automatically' selected, but what actually determines the change? When I open the Blue Iris Status window, the frames are always sitting around either set 25fps or 10fps. Is...
  5. lojix

    Review - TOP-201 Super Mini 720P HD IP-Cam (The Cheapest IP Cam So Far !!)

    This review has taken me a little while to put together, but it was inspired by another post in the forum Disguised/Hidden IP Camera Recommendations. While assisting the OP with a solution, I came across the TOP-201 Super Mini 720P HD IP-Cam at a well-known ‘free-shipping’, China shopping...
  6. lojix

    How do I add a custom cam URL in BI ?

    I have 3 cams currently working flawlessly with BlueIris v.3. 1x Wanscam 2x Foscam I have recently purchased a cheap 'no-name' IP cam. It's model is titled 'Top-201'. It was an amazingly low price and I purchased it to add a review in the forum. I want to see if it's possible to add the cam...
  7. lojix

    Product Advice / Opinion Request

    I have noticed a manufacturer called GW Security which I don't really know anything about and can't find much information on. (Please direct me if there are any other threads about GW Security, I was unable to see any after a search). GW Security seem to have a pretty strong presence, showing...
  8. lojix

    New member from Melbourne, Australia

    Hi IP Cam Talk. I would Just like to introduce myself and say Hello to everybody in the house. Here's a little bit about me and what I do. Personal Bio: My name is Cain, As a person, I like to collaborate. I endeavor to be self-aware, respectful of others and their perspectives, and I attempt...