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    Space vs. Time Digital Noise Reduction Levels in new Hikvision Firmware

    In some of the newer Hikvision firmware for their Value Plus Line of 4MP Cameras an "Expert" mode has been added under "Image Enhancement" Digital Noise Reduction. Prior we use to just have a 0 - 100 scale to set Digital Noise Reduction and for which the configuration was obvious. Now you...
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    New Euro Hikvision v3.4.1 build 151225 Firmware for NVR models DS-90xx&96xx-ST&77xx-S

    Hikvision has released v3.4.1 build 151225 firmware for their DS-90xx&96xx-ST&77xx-SP series in the Western Region Euro market. It can be found at...
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    New USA Hikvision v3.3.5 Firmware for NVR models DS-90xx&96xx-ST&77xx-SP

    Hikvision has released v3.3.5 firmware for their DS-90xx&96xx-ST&77xx-SP series in the US market. It can be found at: If you notice it...
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    Found Firmware that fixes Hikvision 4MP WDR Performance DS-2x42 IP WDR

    Hello Everyone...been reading this forum for a while and all the insight I have gained from all your posts is invaluable. Thank you and this will be my first post. There have been a number of previous posts regarding Grey Image problems with the 120db WDR enabled on some of the newest...