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    Inspiration thread: Setup, racks, displays, technology, etc.

    I figured it would be great to create a central thread / post for some inspiration for others. It will give everyone the opportunity to 'steal' some of your ideas. Please post up some of your installation photos, racks, blue iris setups, TABLET wall mounted pictures, displays etc.
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    Snooze alerts?

    Is there a way to snooze alerts for X minutes/hours? For example, with my old Ring doorbell I could press snooze for a period of time, whereby essentially the motion detection would still occur, i just would not get alerts to my app.
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    Alerts behind firewall without port forwarding

    Hey everyone, I’ve closed off all incoming ports on my network and VLANd everything for security. I’ve also setup a VPN for remote access. But the issue is, unless I keep VPN connected 24/7 on my phone I don’t get geo locations updating and most importantly I don’t get push alerts via the BI...
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    4.6.2 - new overlay functionality

    FYI with 4.6.2 release, you can now overlay FPS and bitrate, which is great for debugging/diagnosing, etc. Add the following as a text overlay..... %f fps | %k kbps Thoughts?
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    IPC-HDW5442TM-AS - ONVIF alerts not working... suggestions?

    Hello, I am using BI and have 8 cameras, but for some reason two of my cameras (both IPC-HDW5442TM-AS) wont get any ONVIF triggers from IVR. I've tried factory reset, latest firmware etc. As mentioned my other cameras work without any issues. Starting to think it's faulty cameras? Is there...
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    WTS brand new SD5A425XA-HNR - 4mp 25x PTZ

    So i've got a pretty much brand new SD5A425XA-HNR - 1/1.8" 4mp 25x PTZ... it literally was powered on in the garage for testing and that's it... back in the box we go.. never deployed externally etc. No issues with it at all. Purchased from Andy. I am located in Australia.. would rather local...
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    Telegram native BI integration?

    Hi everyone, Now that BI has native deepstack integration... what does everyone think of BI adding in native telegram as a means of sending notifications of alerts (obviously, just confirmed/flagged). I think this is a great option for seeing alerts REMOTELY without needing to add port...
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    Bug in - motion detector and substreams?

    Hi, It seems there is a bug with the sub streams and motion detection. Is it a bug or a misunderstanding on my end? Steps to replicate: 1. Create zones under primary stream … say half the screen. 2. Couple of motions get detected etc… normal behaviour. 3. Activate sub-stream 4. If you look...
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    Is there a way to backup actual "clips" only?

    Hello, At the moment, without going to great detail of my setup, I have the following: 1. OS - SSD 2. Data - 4TB USB external drive 3. NAS - 8TB "cctv_storage" As it stands, all cameras record to the data drive, and once filled, it "moves" to the NAS drive, this all works great. However, I...
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    Smartthing integration to blue iris?

    Hello, Has anyone integrated smartthings to blue iris? If so, can you tell me your usage on it? Also, will this give a potential for security exploits or is it pretty secure?
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    ALPR setup advice (see pictures)

    So I am on a busy street with thousands of cars that go past per day. As a fun experiment I'd like to try out some ALPR detection. The biggest issue I am going to face is this.... distance. My house is approximately 25m (80ft) from where the cars are on the road. I've got an existing 4mp...
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    Ideal bitrate <> framerate <> resolution computation?

    Is there a guideline for the ideal resolution <> framerate <> bitrate? i.e. what bitrate if you run 20 FPS at 2688x1520? and then what happens if you want to change the resolution to something higher but same FPS? Is there any harm in running variable bitrate at 20,000 to allow it to jump up...
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    What is wrong with my settings? Strange...

    So i've got an IPC-T5442TM-AS 6MM on my driveway. I have a pretty bright streetlamp as seen in the picture below. The distance from my camera to the footpath in line of sight is approximately 18-20m (60-65ft). I also have a bright 2400LM motion activated security light near the camera which...
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    Your front door install and captures ?

    Hello just wondering if you could post up what your front door installation looks like and also what kind of Image it produces?
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    Best location for cameras - see pics

    I am looking for some advice from those who are clearly more experienced and knowledgeable than myself. My house is currently sitting back 20 metres (65ft) from the footpath. I do have one LED street light as indicated in the picture below. I am trying to accomplish the best ability to ID...
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    Post your install (monitor) pics for BI/UI3?

    Hello, Looking for a little inspiration as to what others have done to have a monitor (lcd or tablet, etc.) in their homes to either show BI app, or UI3? Thanks.
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    Best value / performance PTZ for home usage?

    Looking for the best bang for buck PTZ camera that has really good low light performance. ideally min of 4mp ... auto tracking would be great but not a dealbreaker. would like a decent zoom ability of more than 4x if possible.
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    Critique my night shots

    Hello, I am running blue iris with several cameras located throughout the property. This one in particular is my driveway camera, normally it does not have the caravan in the driveway. This camera is a DS-2CD2385G1-I - this one has the following settings: Video settings: Resolution = 3840 x...
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    Video in GUI/App freezes - but fine in recordings?

    I've got 6x hikvision cameras on blue iris (latest version). CPU is always less than 20% ... weird issue that just started happening with H265+ enabled... on the iOS app/windows GUI and even UI3.... the video will lag/freeze up to 5-20 seconds and then play a few seconds and then freeze again...
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    Data being sent to OPENALPR - not even enabled?

    I was just checking my gateway logs and noticed a bunch of data is being sent to OPENALPR which is odd considering I have not enabled such functionality? Some examples of the data logs can be seen as per below. 2019-12-08 22:32:38 CCTV PC 2019-12-08 22:29:37 CCTV PC...
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    Benefits of SSD for OS and mechanical for storage?

    Hello everyone, Just trying to work out the pros and cons for having two disks instead of the one. At the moment, I am running BI on a 4tb WD RED drive. It operates fine and I am happy with everything. However, I am trying to work out for longevity of the system, what is the PROS and CONS of...
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    Audio recording device?

    Hello, I am wondering if it's possible to install some kind of microphone which ties into Blue iris as a stream/channel? The situation is, i have a camera in the back yard already which i am very happy with quality wise. However, due to some recent issues with neighbours complaining about my...
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    LPR to CSV/txt?

    Hello just wondering with the LPR component of BI.. is it possible to somehow write all the number plates it detects along with the timestamp into a CSV or TXT?
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    PTZ usage in residential?

    Genuine question, but what would a genuine application be for residential users? I understand you can have the cameras look at different areas at different times of day etc.. I love the idea of having it, but i feel as if, if someone wanted to break into the property they would simply...
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    Hikvision NVR - need solution for Blueiris combo

    I have a hikvision NVR which has 16 ports. I am currently using blue iris on a dedicated machine. The issue is, my existing 6 cameras are currently powered via a small netgear POE switch (but it only has 5 POE ports, but all are occupied and 1 camera can't be powered on). So my thought is...
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    Utilise more RAM?

    I've got 16gb of ram at my disposal but for some reason BI will only use ~2GB of ram.... i've got 4x 6MP cameras running. Is there any way to buffer video to RAM before writing to disk to space some CPU cycles/io?