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  1. avspin

    Suggestions for adding a network jack outside.

    So I have a couple of wireless cameras and want to change to wired. I have power outside near where I want the jacks. I cannot run a new cat6 wire due to concrete and other restrictions. I tried TP-link Powerline adapters (which power another camera for me) and because there are CGFI outlets...
  2. avspin

    Gel for outdoor internet connections

    I saw a post for a gel that gets put into the cat 5e, 6 etc. to keep moisture out for outdoor IP camera connections. I don't know what it's called. Any info so I can search for it? Thanks!
  3. avspin

    General question on use of POE switch for NVR

    I have a Dahua NVR with POE for 16 cameras. Been happy with it. But I wanted to use BI on my computer just to monitor the feeds as I'm not crazy with Smart PSS. Right now all the cameras on the NVR send a sub-stream over my network to my computer. The resources used are pretty, less than...
  4. avspin

    How to stop Smart PSS Tone on PC

    I installed Smart PSS on my PC last week and every now and then I get a tone like a long beep three time. It's driving me crazy. I read the Smart PSS wiki and I can't find the setting that is causing this alarm to go off. The red event icon in the upper right is silent and shows 0. I've...
  5. avspin

    Hello, new here.

    Hi I'm Steve from Reno, NV I've been using Q-see for a about 6 years now. I upgraded my system to 4k IP about 2 years ago. I ran cat 5e all over. Currently Q-see has announce it's going out of business Jan 31st and saying if I want to view my cameras remotely I have to turn on DMZ for the IP...