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    [tool] [tutorial] Free AI Person Detection for Blue Iris

    This sounds like the same problem I bumped into. In the 2021.02.01 version of Deepstack they have dropped support for older GPUs. To verify, go to the AI Tool Deepstack tab and hit the stderr.txt button and scroll through the log.
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    First snapshot OK but a second snap gives the same image

    I am hoping one of you gurus can help shed some light on this. As the title suggests my camera will take a snapshot using the following string: But subsequent snapshots have the same image and time stamp. This is an older 720p IP cam of the generic...
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    Android Auto & BI

    It is rumored that a rooted phone would be able to display whatever apps the user wishes on Android Auto. Has anyone successfully run the BI Android app or the BI iPhone app on either car play or Android Auto ?
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    Sweet! LTS is releasing an ONVIF compatible doorbell with SD card slot and 940nm IR

    Just wondering if anyone is happy with their night vision image or if all of these cams have the same spots on the image. I have taken it apart to clean it but it did not seem to help. This is a shame because the daytime image is great.
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    Sweet! LTS is releasing an ONVIF compatible doorbell with SD card slot and 940nm IR

    Here is my approach. Note that I had the Elk in the circuit IN SERIES prior to the adding the camera. This was just fine because the only loop current was for the backlight on the doorbell button. Only when the button is pressed would the full current of the doorbell chime coil be present on...
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    Sweet! LTS is releasing an ONVIF compatible doorbell with SD card slot and 940nm IR

    I was looking through older posts in this thread and did not really see a good answer to this so I thought I'd chime in here. This is what I am using and it works very well. I use this connected to a spare wired zone on my DSC panel and programmed the zone as a 24H Non-alarm zone (for home...
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    Sweet! LTS is releasing an ONVIF compatible doorbell with SD card slot and 940nm IR

    Greetings. Are you running Uniden build 171225 and can you confirm if you have the "subscriber not available" message before your update. I am on 171225 and do not have the message. I have avoided upgrading to 180726 because of this post where @Mconigs78 claims the message is present after the...
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    Sweet! LTS is releasing an ONVIF compatible doorbell with SD card slot and 940nm IR

    Running a Uniden version V1.4.62 Build 171225 . This appears to be an older firmware than the 180726 that you updated to, but I do not get the "subscriber unavailable" message. The Onvif capability would be nice to have, but I am hesitant to update if this firmware causes the "subscriber"...
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    Sweet! LTS is releasing an ONVIF compatible doorbell with SD card slot and 940nm IR

    Please forgive if this was asked (40 pages deep) but regarding your glare, did you remove the protective plastic disc that covers the black plastic IR area ? I noticed the disc and thought about leaving it on but did end up removing it.
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    Amcrest now freezes after PTZ commands

    Any updates ? I just noticed this thread and would like to know if you found a fix. It sounded to me like a power supply issue. If the power supply was marginal the extra current required for the positioning might brown out the processor.
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    Need advice on VLAN for cams

    Thanks for all the ideas. This is great food for thought. A home automation PC needs access to the BI system & cameras. Probably easier if all of the HA devices get moved into the VLAN. Any ideas how could I VPN into a VLAN segment if the VPN server lives on the main network ?
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    Need advice on VLAN for cams

    Some of the cheap Chinese cams I have are trying to call home but can't because I have the gateway set at the cameras IP address. I have used some sniffing software (Wireshark) to prove this behavior and it is something to be concerned about. The cameras also have ports open (Telnet Port 23)...
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    Need advice on VLAN for cams

    Greetings, I am looking to segment my cameras on to their own VLAN. I have avoided this to date because Blue Iris is running on my main PC. I have a few managed POE switches for my cameras that will allow me to set up VLAN. So a few question come to mind: Do I need to multihome my PC so that...
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    Turrent cameras in direct exposure to rain?

    The Amcrest turret cams that I recently installed are powder coated cast aluminum so no issues with corrosion on those. As mentioned the plastic body cams also fare prettty well. I never use the supplied mounting hardware. A small box of #8x3/4 or 1" Stainless steel screws is good insurance for...
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    Mute Audio During Pan, Tilt and Zoom ?

    Ditto, but a bit of surgery to decouple the mic from the body of the cam might help.
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    Mute Audio During Pan, Tilt and Zoom ?

    On my PTZ cam when I pan, tilt, zoom & focus, the motor noise is carried on the audio channel. I don't see any option in BI to mute the audio during the PTZ movements. Have I missed something in the camera configuration ? Unfortunately there is no option in the firmware on either of my PTZ cams.
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    Compatible Light Bulb cameras?

    If what you've read so far does not sway you, most of the cams available on ALI or eBay are not going to be UL or ULC approved. Judging by the the teardowns that I've seen on similar devices and the poor build quality of some of the discounted offshore stuff, I would not risk burning down my...
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    Does BI support Pushover notification?

    Just noticed your message again. You can send Pushovers via email. Log into your account at the Pushover site and have a look below your User Key, there is a key that you use to send pushes via email. I would create a single purpose Gmail account for this purpose. I just wish Pushbullet had the...
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    Does BI support Pushover notification?

    It would be very nice to have a plug-in that would send pushes of our own choosing. Pushbullet comes to mind as it can send video clips, snapshots or files. I would like a snapshot of the motion detected by BI so that I can decide if loading up the VPN and logging into the BI server is needed...
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    Blue Iris Video Tutorials

    Greetings, I would love to see a tutorial on getting the most out of the log files and status pages. The numbers attached to events are not really self evident. Also maybe an explanation of how notifications work as they are not intuitive. I have seen local login followed by another local...
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    BI "system tray" icon keeps disappearing, not hidden

    By chance are you running BI as a service? If so there should not be a tray icon except when you re-run BI as a local console mode on top of the service. If your machine had a restart as Windows has become infamous for when it updates, both the local console and service would close but the...
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    Trouble Exporting to MP4

    No way to add "= Solved" to the threads title with an advanced edit ? Edit: Solved Turns out the file was exported properly but VLC had trouble playing it. Windows Media Player managed to play the MP4 just fine. Will need to investigate this a bit more to find out why VLC could not play the...
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    POE switch recommendations...

    I hope this is not considered a hijack but I am also looking for suggestions on POE switches. I have a few specific requirements: Small footprint as it will live in a structured wiring box 8 port Stackable so I can add another 8 port on top when needed Fanless as it will be enclosed Managed...
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    How to set static ip on vstarcam C7837WIP?

    I don't know the specifics of your camera but if the camera is a recent IP cam it may be Onvif compliant. Assuming it is visible on your LAN, you should be able to use the Onvif Device Manager to set up the network and possibly a few other settings. Try the Tinycam free Android app. If it can...
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    Brightness variation in alert

    Thanks for the reply. All in all it is not a bad thing because it does "lite up the event". But are you suggesting the cameras are defective, or is this a normal response to a small number of pixels changing? I know my cameras are crap, however I never saw this in iSpy. What mechanism does...
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    Brightness variation in alert

    Searching for this turned up nothing so I will ask here. During playback in from the timeline in Blue Iris at speed >>, it shows the image gets brighter as the cams go into alert, then after the event they dim down. I've noticed this on both day and night recording on a few different brands of...
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    Vorlon has a good point, I know I own a couple really cheap cams that just don't want to connect sometimes. You can ping them all day long and they respond perfectly but won't show up in the Onvif Device Manager until after a power cycle. So a couple troubleshooting tools to have are the above...
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    Fored to use QuickTime Player - but can't

    Thank you for the response this was really the key to getting past these problems. I managed to find the installation manual and it basically recapped what you mentioned here, explained it well enough and also suggested an option for using Firefox. The camera brands were left out because they...
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    Fored to use QuickTime Player - but can't

    Thanks for the responses. Pale Moon does display the stream without error or requiring an ActiveX component but does not let me see parts of the web interface that have the Device Setup tabs. I can see the DEVICE CFG tab when IE is prompting me to download < Searching turned up similar threads...
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    Fored to use QuickTime Player - but can't

    During setup for a camera, the web interface asks me to install QuickTime even though I am using a browser that supports H.264 directly. It also says my browser is too old which is incorrect. I've tried ODM, FF, Chrome, IE11 and Edge. The Onvif Device Manager's Web menu says the browser needs...