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    Heavy Rain make Flood into the Subway.

    Central China having a crazy big rain toady, Subway Still running~~Going crazy.
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    SD29204UE-GN, SD22204UE-GN Latest new Fw. SD-Eos-Civil_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.812.0000007.0.R.210706.bin

    Hey guys This is the latest new fw, please try to make the update asap. Support Models: PTZ1C200UE-GN PTZ1C200UE-GN-W, PTZ1C203UE-GN, PTZ1C203UE-GN-W, SD29204UE-GN, SD29204UE-GN-W, SD22204UE-GN, SD22204UE-GN-W, This version fixes some bugs,improves the product performance, and...
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    Latest new IPC-HDW5231R-ZE IPC-HX5X3X-Rhea_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.800.0000018.0.R.210707

    Hey guys This version fixes some bugs, improves the product performance with latest new AI NVR, and strengthens product security on the basis of the last version. IPC-HDW5231R-Z/ZE IPC-HFW5231E-Z/Z5/Z12/ZE/Z5E/Z12E IPC-HDBW5231R-Z/ZE IPC-HDBW5231E-Z/ZE IPC-HDW4231EM-AS/ASE, IPC-HDBW4231F-AS...
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    SD1A203T-GN SD49225T-HN General_SD-Mao-Rhea_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_IVS_V2.800.0000000.6.R.210705

    Hey Guys This ifrmware has some important upgrade, please try to make the upgrade asap. SD22404T-GN S2 SD42212T-HN SD49225T-HN S2 SD1A203T-GN SD1A203T-GN-w
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    LPR For IPC-B5442E-Z4E

    Here are some pics for LPR with IPC-B5442E-Z4E. Zoom in to Max. Drive way around 120ft. Just do some simple setting.
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    Overseas Oders to Europe Union

    Hey guys From EU, In July.1st the EU will charge all tax for any import items like to buy locally. Tax start from 0.1 Euros. 3 Changes. 1.No matter where the goods from China,USA or even within Europe, the seller/Buyer have to pay tax. So the selling price will be fully with tax if you buy...
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    Dahua Web 5.0

    Hey Guys Lots of guys ask for the Plugin will end to work on IE in 2022, i get the confirmed news from dahua, in 2022 will have all new firmware for upgrading to the web 5.0 one. Right now the dahua 7 series and the dual PTZ @Wildcat_1tested all use web 5.0 now. Looks beautiful than before...
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    Prime Day Discount From June.19th - June.22nd

    Hey Guys As Amazon invites us to do some discount on Prime day(They ask for 40-60% discount, that is crazy too much, lol), But we will do some REAL discount too, Memorial Day lots of guys were on a short real break after covid 19, so we hope this time can help make more guys can get the...
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    Plugin issue on IE on dahua/Empiretech/Loryta cams

    Hey Guys Lots of guys ask for the Plugin will end to work on IE in 2022, i get the confirmed news from dahua, in 2022 will have all new firmware to upgrade and all cams will not support it anymore. They are doing on it right now, so no worry! So from now on, Please don't buy any hacked...
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    IPC-T5442T-ZE IPC-T5442TM-AS SMD 3.0 Smart IR Latest New Firmware From EmpireTech

    Hey guys The Smart IR firmware with SMD 3.0 has been released. The update is mainly because of the new lot has a small hardware change, so this firmware can work for both the latest new cameras and old batches. In 2021, we will use the SMD 3.0 as the main firmware, there will have another...
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    2021 Middle Year and Memorial Day Promotion (5.28-5.31 US Time)

    Thanks for guys support, Our Middle 2021 and Memorial Day promtoion is on the way. This time will have the biggest discount we never do. We always try to offer the best product for guys all over the world with perfect items and competative price,good support! Can check the details here. I...
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    2021 Memorial Day Promotion

    Hey guys Thanks for all guys help, I talked with Dahua this morning to do more support for us in USA, they agree to do good price for us on good models!! So we will use this good discount to all guys here who support us. Memorial Day on Amazon Plans (2021-5-27-2021-5-31) 1. 40-50% off on some...
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    Installation via Solar Power

    One of my client set up some cams on Solar power, looks great, so i share some pics here.
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    IPC-E3541F-AS-M SMD 3.0 General_IPC-HX5(4)(3)XXX-Leo_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.800.0000000.26.R.210421

    Hey guys This series SMD3.0 firmware is ready, please check and make some upgrade as soon as possible. Model List IPC-T3441T-ZAS IPC-T3541T-ZAS IPC-E3541F-AS-M IPC-HDW3449H-AS-PV IPC-HFW3449T1-AS-PV IPC-HDW3549H-AS-PV IPC-HFW3549T1-AS-PV Download link is in the attached file. Andy
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    A Tiger attacking people in China 2 hours ago

    Very crazy , a wild tiger come out of forest and attack a people in China 2hours ago.This guy is too lucky. it also attacks a car, car badly injured. Video link
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    New LPR(ANPR) Camera From Dahua

    Hey guys Have some latest news for the new LPR camera for North America(Special firmware), it's good for project.
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    2021 April Dahua Full Color Camera

    Hey Guys Will get 3 new samples at the end of April for full color camera. Full color camera is a good choice for good night light place using. IPC-HPW5849T1-ASE-LED 4K Bullet 1/1.2 CMOS Turrt 4MP IPC- HFW5449T1-ASE-D2 1/1.8cmos with double sensors Bullet 4mp iPC-HDW549H-SE-D2 1/1.8cmos with...
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    Price increase for Dahua & Hikvision( All products)

    Hey guys Maybe a bad news, due to the crazy chips price increase, these 2 companies will increase their whole product line price soon, 7-15% based on the different products. The new price will start from next week, and if the chips keep crazy, will have new adding again in April. This is...
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    Multi-lens AI IPC-PDBW82041-B360

    Here are the latest new version for Intelligent Panoramic Surveillanc.
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    NEW SD59225U-HNI Latest New Firmware SD-Eos_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.812.0000007.0.R.210706

    Hey guys This series has important upgrade, here are the details. Upgrade on 2021/7/9, better working with the dahua latest AI NVR and New Security Baseline added. 1. Added AOL function to ensure that the equipment can be upgraded and maintained online when abnormal; 2. The program package is...
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    NVR5216-16P-4KS2E Latest new firmwre NVR5XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.001.0000006.0.R.210208

    Hey Guys, There has some important update for this 5 series NVRs, here are the details. New Featuers: 1. The video clip supports MP4 format 2. Support POE enhanced mode 3. Support the display of the reason for the failure of the initialization 4. Support Web password retrieval 5...
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    SMD 3.0 dahua

    Latest news The SMD 3.0 firmware can be ready next week. The 54 series will be firstly used with the latest new FW. Will make invite some guys here to make some testing firstly. Models List: IPC-T5442TM-AS IPC-T5442T-ZE IPC-B5442E-ZE IPC-B5442E-Z4E IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E Andy
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    IPC-HFW7842H-Z ANPR testing

    Thanks to @wopi82 fantastic review for this ANPR cam with the NVR5208-8P-4KS2E. Always great!
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    2021 New Product From Dahua

    Hey Guys Get some docs from dahua for the new product. I post here about some key point here, can't share the docs right now. Sorry! 1. Lite cams no big differene, will update to S3. Will have some 5MP out. 2. Pro models Cams update to 3.0 SMD(Will send latest fw for update later when...
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    Deep Night Party

    Video by a dahua SD59225U-HNI :eek:
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    Dahua Latest New Full Color PTZ SD3 series

    Hey guys The first active-deterrence PTZ camera, SD3A series is officially released! Please see promotion in attached. This camera is cost-effective. With an all-plastic appearance, it is suitable for promotion in areas where there is no special requirement for appearance. It has a built-in...
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    IPC-T5442T-ZE IPC-T5442TM-AS latest new firmware General_IPC-HX5XXX-Volt_MultiLang_NP_Stream3_V2.800.15OG004.0.R.201203

    Hey guys The Smart IR firmware has been released. The update is mainly because of the new lot has a small hardware change, so this firmware can work for both the latest new cameras and old batches. IPC-T5442T-ZE IPC-T5442TM-AS IPC-T5241TM-AS IPC-B5442E-ZE IPC-B5442E-Z4E IPC-T5241H-AS-PV...
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    IPC-T3841T-ZAS IPC-HDW3841T-ZAS IPC-HX38XX-Dalton_MultiLang_PN_Stream3_V2.820.0000000.13.R.210402.bin

    Hey guys The SMD3.0 for this model has been released. Support models IPC-T3841T-ZAS(IPC-HDW3841T-ZAS) 4K Red and blue flashlight alarm Model IPC-HDW3849H-AS-PV...
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    IPC-E3541F-AS-M IPC-HX5(4)(3)

    Here is the new firmware for series 34xx 35xx models, they are middle series compare to the lite 2 series and pro models 5 series. Support List IPC-E3541F-AS-M 5mp edge IPC-T3541T-ZAS 5MP Motorized lens. IPC-T3441T-ZAS 4MP motorized lens. IPC-HDW3449TM-AS-NI Full color model. 4mp NO IR/LED...
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    Happy New Year

    Hey Guys Happy New year! We all had a crazy 2020 because of this bad virus, but lastly it will be a history. Thanks to all member's help here for our business, in 2021 we will provide cheaper and better cams, i am talking with dahua guys these days for better price, esp for those hot models...