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    Douchebag neighbor messing with my PTZ?

    We live in a townhouse next door to asshole neighbors, which is the reason we installed security cameras. One of the cameras, a PTZ is mounted to the right of our front door. When we went to bed last night, this is how it was set: When we woke up, here's what we saw: The camera was now...
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    Offering for less than $300: Dahua 2MP 25x Starlight IR PTZ WiFi (SD49225T-HN-W)

    I'm re-posting a Dahua SD49225T-HN-W for sale. I bought it from Andy, but it won't suit my needs. He offered to let me return it but also suggested I try to sell it in the United States. I paid $335 for it, and will let it go for less than $300, possibly less than $275, depending on who pays...
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    Selling a Dahua SD49225T-HN-W

    I purchased a Dahua SD49225T-HN-W camera from Andy. It's a great camera, but won't suit my needs, mostly because of the DAV format; I need something where I can quickly scrub videos on Android and iPhone. Andy offered to let me return it but also suggested I try to sell it in the US. I paid...
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    Automatic conversion of DAV files possible?

    I recently got the Dahua SD49225T-HN-W to replace a Sharx SCNC3905. After a few struggles, I finally got the Dahua set up to record to my NAS drive via FTP. The issue is that the Dahua format is only DAV, as anyone reading this most likely already knows. Does anyone know if there's a way to...
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    Need help -- lost with Dahua setup

    I am completely lost (and helpless, I guess) setting up the Dahua SD49225T-HN-W. I am basically a tech amateur. Andy said that setting up the camera would be easy, but I'm hitting roadblock after roadblock. Here are my issues: When I log into the camera over the web using the IP address, I can...
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    Need a recommendation

    I need a recommendation for a quality, reliable outdoor security camera. Requirements are: WiFi and wired options, records to NAS, night vision, motion detection, full HD, at least ip67 rating and viewable on IOS, Android and PC. Preferences include: ONVIF, MicroSD and PTZ. I currently have two...