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  1. Parley

    Need Help With New 4k Camera.

    I have always been able to correct this problem one way or another but not this time. I am asking the forum for some ideas. Look at the roof in the center of the video as it seems to move around. This is with everything set back to the factory settings or a least I think they are. I was in the...
  2. Parley

    Video Of Car Door Checkers Walking By My House

    What happened is these two are coming down my street checking houses and car doors to see what they can rob. It just so happens that my neighbor 3 doors down left his garage door open and the woman made a bee line for his garage and rumaged through it to see what see could steal. That part is on...
  3. Parley

    Camera Picture Capture Link Does Not Work

    When I am in the playback mode sometimes I want to take a still picture frame but the link does not work. I have tried various links to no avail. No problem if I want to download a video segment but I have problems with a single picture frame. This is with a Hikvision NVR and IVMS 4200.
  4. Parley

    Coyote Coming Down The Street At 9:17 AM

    This guy looks like he could use a good meal. Probably why he is out so late in the morning on a hunt. Starts with him coming down the sidewalk in the upper left corner of the video. (229) Coyote On Onyx 42321 - YouTube
  5. Parley

    Putting Camouflage Tape On My Dahua 5442E-ZE Camera

    As I stated in another thread I have not like the results of where this camera has been located. So I stated that I am going to relocate the camera to a tree so I can get a better view down the street and the sidewalk. I have ordered CAT6 burial cable and it should be here by the end of next...
  6. Parley

    Bicycle/Car Close Call On My Corner Today

    The teenage driver of the car almost had to go on the sidewalk to miss the bicyclist who clearly had the right of way. The bicycle was 1/2 way into the intersection. This is my 4K PTZ camera with the 4/3" sensor. Interesting to see if indeed this video is in HD from Youtube.
  7. Parley

    Homemade Mount For New Dahua PTZ

    In a couple of months I am going to upgrade this existing Dahua PTZ with a new 4K version. Maybe the new one with the 1/1.2" sensor or the old standby with the 4/3" sensor. So in preperation I have made a new mount out of 1.125" aluminum chanel and 1/4" aluminum plate. The bottom plate matches...
  8. Parley

    Dahua IPC-B5442E-Z4E For License Plate Camera

    I just purchased a Dahua IPC-B5442E-Z4E for a license plate camera. It replaced the 5231 that I was previously using. I have to say that I can see a nice difference even in black and white. I have it set up in black and white for both day and night and have the shutter speed set at 1/2000. So...
  9. Parley

    Trump 2020 Sign On Top Of Large Tree

    This guy got sick and tired of his Trump sign being stolen. So he put it where it is unlikely to get stolen.
  10. Parley

    Trump Campaign Sign Being Stolen

    This happened Saturday night. She also stole my Support The Police sign right next to it. The sign was from Trump's 2016 campaign which I saved. She was not alone, unseen by this camera is her accomplice taking a video on her cellphone.
  11. Parley

    Light Bulb Security Camera

  12. Parley

    Neighbor's Pickup Truck Stolen Early This Morning.

    Took them long enough. The truck did have a club. Got the license plate of the thief's car from my license plate cameras. The camera is my 4K Dahua PTZ with the 4/3" sensor. It makes things look lighter than it actually is. I am not sure if there are two or three people involved. I need to study...
  13. Parley

    Video Of A Coyote Running Through The Neighborhood With A Cat In Its Mouth

    Looks like a guy in a white panel truck is chasing it. He eventually gives up and drives off after looking at the cat that was temporarily dropped by the coyote. Here is a still picture.
  14. Parley

    How Things Work When A Charity Van Picks Up The Items That You Have Left Out For Them

    Thought I would post this after seeing videos of packages being tossed by UPS, FedEx and USPS for example.
  15. Parley

    The Runaway Walker

    You know this is not good when a man's walker goes down the driveway and out into the street empty. This is the only way this man has to get around his house and property. Watch the upper right of the screen.
  16. Parley

    A Little Parking Incident

    Neighbor noticed a big dent in the front of his car and came over to see if I had video of what happened. Here it is. I also gave him the license plate number of the black Dodge Ram.
  17. Parley

    Hikvision DS-7716NI-I4/16P NVR

    I have been looking for a Hikvision NVR to replace the Hikvision DS-7608NI-I2/8P that I now have. With all the upgrades on my cameras I am running low on storage. I saw a Hikvision DS-7716NI-4/16P refurbished on Ebay for $449 and he said it would hold four 12TB hard drives. So I bought 4 Western...
  18. Parley

    My Recently Arrived Dahua SD5A425XA-HNR 4MP PTZ Camera

    I just realized I had never started a thread on my own camera even though I have had it for two weeks. The preset Home position for this PTZ camera is not working out with auto tracking. So what I will do is switch the home position with another camera I have with its home position. I need to...
  19. Parley

    Video Of Blower Being Stolen From My Gardeners Truck

    Here is the video from this morning.
  20. Parley

    Neighbors Catalytic Converter Stolen

    The neighbor up the street had is catalytic convertor stolen the other night. I was able to get video of the car going by and the license plate which was tough. The car is 20 years old along with the plates and they do not show up that well. I will not show the longer 5 minute video but a short...
  21. Parley

    Neighbors Catalytic Convertor Stolen

    The neighbor up the street had is catalytic convertor stolen the other night. I was able to get video of the car going by and he license plate which was tough. The car is 20 years old along with the plates and they do not show up that well. I will not show the longer video but a short edited one...
  22. Parley

    Dahua 2020 Catalog Is Out

    Here is the link to the new Dahua 2020 catalog. You need to scroll down to the camera section of your choice.
  23. Parley

    Neighbor Just Had A Minor Theft

    A neighbor called me to see if I had any video of someone stealing items that she left out for Good Will. Some of it was of good value and that is why she called. Being a good neighbor I compiled a video for her and a still shot. Now I told her to call the neighbor across the street as I...
  24. Parley

    Can A Dahua PTZ Camera Be Mounted Upside Down?

    I like this camera but it would work better for me upside down at the 2 locations I would want to install it. Here is the camera and mounting bracket.
  25. Parley

    My Wife And The Skunk

    My wife was taking some things out to the car early the other morning and a skunk crossed right in front of her. Lucky she did not get sprayed. She paused to let the skunk run off. Here is a video of what happened.
  26. Parley

    Sensor Size Chart

    This chart shows the surface area of the sensors. The larger the sensor surface area the better it is at night time and that is assuming quality optics. Actual sensor size Diagonal Surface Area Aspect Ratio 1/4" (~ 3.20 x 2.40 mm) 4.00 mm 7.68 mm² 4:3 1/3.6" (~ 4 x 3 mm) 5.00 mm...
  27. Parley

    Dahua 4K PTZ DH-SD8A820WA-HNF

    The more I looked into this PTZ the more I like it. Here is the link to the specification sheet. It has a 4/3" sensor which is larger than the 1/1.8" that is currently in vogue. It is 4K capable which...
  28. Parley

    California Law Favors Car Door Checkers

    I would not normally post political stories but this one is about people checking your car doors to see if they are open. Headline: Car burglaries in some California cities are at crisis levels. Prosecutors say their hands are tied Story: SACRAMENTO — An epidemic of car burglaries in San...
  29. Parley

    Little Guy Bicycle Crash

    The trials and tribulations of growing up.
  30. Parley

    Attempted burglary caught on camera in Fort Walton Beach [FL]

    Attempted pawn shop burglary. Video at the link. Attempted burglary caught on camera in Fort Walton Beach