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  1. erieadams

    IR Illuminators vs LED Dusk to Dawn Lights

    Curious if anyone can direct me to any previous post. about this or direct me in the right direction. I have looked and searched but unable to find my answers. I live in the country and VERY little to no light other then moonlight and A street light half a block away. I have dahua 2mp 5231...
  2. erieadams

    New NVR Setup

    Well I was looking at buying my mother A new security camera system since she has a cheap junk Elec or something like that. was looking at Lorex or annke 4k system and stumbled upon this site. Well after reading tons of forum posts and the wiki and cliff notes I decided I wanted HikVision or...
  3. erieadams

    NVR4208-8P-4KS2 or Dahua N42B2P

    looking at A NVR for my mother looks like these are the same just one us and one international i can get both used one from amazon the 4208 open box with scratches or i can get the us version n42b2p on ebay used any pros or cons from buying us over international ?