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    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    my system did not like at all. ram went straight up to nearly 6G and CPU jumped straight up to 100 and stayed there. reverted back to which was stable (for me) for more than 24 hours up time. that is a big improvement (for me) on previous versions which had been randomly...
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    I have always had awesome service from Andy and his deliveries are currently taking 8 days to reach New Zealand, which is faster than some domestic suppliers here at the moment, with level 3 lock-down. Chris. [not a builder]
  3. B - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    me too, on 1x 8MP dahua, I followed someones advice and de-selected "use RTSP/stream timecode" in BI and that seems to have fixed it.... time will tell.
  4. B - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    It was problematic for a while, for some users, however the last two builds have resolved most issues, it seems.
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    Recommend LPR Camera

    I have slightly different settings for all 3 cameras as they are each at different angles, distances, lighting conditions, etc (3 separate locations) The main tip I can give you is forget about using default settings and experiment with manual exposure settings (for daytime I am using 1/2000...
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    Recommend LPR Camera

    I have 3 of these for LPR: IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E I only buy cameras from Andy: US $225.15 7% OFF|2019 New Arriving Model IPC HFW5241E Z12E 2MP Starlight WDR IR Bullet AI Network Camera ,free DHL shipping|Surveillance Cameras| - AliExpress There are some tricks to getting these working well at...
  7. B - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    which version of BI are you running? the latest version shows the full stream in UI3 for me
  8. B - Main stream 1 FPS in UI3 is out now
  9. B - Main stream 1 FPS in UI3

    Just had an email reply from Ken now
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    Unexpected shutdowns

    for me, has been a big improvement and almost eliminated the unexpected service restarts..... I have had two days uptime now with no restarts on 1 of my BI systems and only 1 restart on the 2nd system this stability along with main (HD) streams now showing in UI3 makes me very happy
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    How minimize wind noise?

    I have had great success with small bits of self-adhesive "Draught Excluder". I apply 3 bits in a triangle surrounding the tiny microphone hole. Kills wind noise but microphone is still effective. It comes in 5m rolls, 5mm wide, consists of many fine synthetic hairs sticking out of the adhesive...
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    Small Setup - NVR Recommendation

    BI rocks! You may start out small but adding cameras is addictive. I started with 3 and am up to 29 now that BI can handle them (using substreams).
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    Unexpected shutdowns still has service crashing for me
  14. B - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    I just tried matching FPS & iframe (on main stream and substream) on one camera and did not see any difference, so am leaving the others as they are (low FPS on substream).... happy with the trade-off and don't use autocycle
  15. B - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    Yeah, as it is random and I now have a fully redundant (duplicate) BI system running, the chances are one of my two BI instances will catch the few seconds that are lost while the other system recovers. I feel happier now having the second system ticking away (headless) in the corner as a...
  16. B - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    If it works for you that is great I have 29 cameras at different frame-rates (some of the LPR cameras at 50 FPS with their substreams at 3 FPS) and no stuttering problems. Until UI3 is able to view the full stream when individual cameras are selected, I prefer to keep the resolution of the...
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    Sentry Server Error

    hit and miss here also. same error did happen a while ago (in May 2019) when they needed to increase their AWS resources also had it happen when BI was too busy doing something, however now with sub-streams taking a lot of load off my CPU, I would have thought that would be less of an...
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    Anyone else try BI5's Popup toast alerts ?

    did you get toast to work? I get an error about a DLL file missing [api-ms-win-core-winrt-l1-1-0.dll]. I have downloaded it and put it in the BI directory & windows/system directory but this has not helped.
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    Blue Iris CPU spikes or even freezes when monitored via Remote desktop or UI3

    this solved the problem for me: (to be clear, I had to disable "Require/decode all camera frames when streaming")
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    OpenALPR - No more free rides

    He has only posted a few times - each time supporting Digifort..... so "Peter / walet39" is probably an employee or reseller.
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    OpenALPR - No more free rides

    Digifort is massively expensive.... thousands of dollars to get what BI gives me for $100, with 29 cameras
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    5.2.8 - May 20, 2020 - Direct-to-disc BVR recording will now include metadata for video overlays

    It may be just coincidence, but deleting the offending camera and re-adding it (i.e. letting BI auto-detect it, not restoring the old settings) resulted in no irregular time-stamp overnight, so maybe a legacy setting on that one camera was causing the time-stamp + clip length corruption
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    5.2.8 - May 20, 2020 - Direct-to-disc BVR recording will now include metadata for video overlays

    ah, now that you mention it, I did see that twice last night on a single camera (same symptoms you describe.... time-stamp out by 3.5 hours + clip length corrupted) - camera is not set to do any reboot. 1 camera out of 29 is not too bad. I will delete it and re-add it to see if that helps.
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    5.2.8 - May 20, 2020 - Direct-to-disc BVR recording will now include metadata for video overlays

    I am very happy with it has allowed me to expand to 29 cameras (thanks to substreams), with another 3 to be ordered from Andy soon, since the PC can now cope with them. Only two improvements I would like: main streams on UI3 (when individual cameras are selected) and several times a...
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    5.2.8 - May 20, 2020 - Direct-to-disc BVR recording will now include metadata for video overlays

    oops... yeah UI3 thanks just noticed there is still something funny going on with this version (as in previous) with a clip showing 49d16h40m40s length good things take time
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    5.2.8 - May 20, 2020 - Direct-to-disc BVR recording will now include metadata for video overlays

    yep. -> no rectangles on BI3 plus looks like a few other fixes still only sub-streams on BI3 though
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    Issues with day/night

    I use two of these cameras for LPR (OpenALPR), zoomed in to maximum, and because they are at max zoom, they have focus problems if left to switch by themselves (even with reflective tape as an IR auto-focus point), so I use "schedule" and drop to black&white 40 - 50 minutes before they would...