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    Update amcrest nvr password

    Hi all, just got my nvr up and running but didn’t have remote viewing off network so I deleted the device from the app and re-added but now I can’t re-add device. my password is correct and p2p was enabled but nvr was setup before cameras were added so wanted to update password.
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    Placement of NVR in 2 story house?

    Hi all, Curious on where everyone is running their Ethernet cables to nvr. I have a 2 story house and a few options. Poe system. I can run to a entry way closet where alarm panel is at that has a plug nearby and Ethernet would be an easy run through garage to this location for hardwired...
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    Wireless extender or hardwired nvr?

    always ran a range extender for my analog cams now going Poe. any thoughts on extender vs hardwired Internet? House is 1.2gb wired.
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    How many cameras everyone running?

    Curious as to how many everyone is running? Have 8 cameras ready to go up soon. 1 front door turret, 2 turrets covering driveway, 1 rear turret or bullet and 1 bullet on each sideyard. overkill?
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    Bullets or turrets for new cameras?

    Replacing my current analog cams with ip. should I do bullets off stucco or turret style to cover driveway and front door? plan to put one each side of driveway and one covering front door/window. Rear will need bullets as exposed to weather. Prob aim 2 bullets On each side as well to cover...
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    Upgrading dvr to NVR setup- best budget 8/16 channel cam nvr?

    Hi all! trying to update my swann dvr to newer NVR to keep an eye on the house. Are there any all in one good kits with stable app and cam audio? And works with Alexa? Which brands are preferred? I saw Costco has lorex on sale but people say app isn’t great and lacks customer support...