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    Junction Boxes for Dahua Bullet Cameras,,, can I get smaller

    wouldn't it be nice is the manufactures made most of the models with a base that is 1cm deeper so that one did not need a box if they didn't want one. just say-n.
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    Good quality Dahua mini bullet camera

    it mounts fine to 2x 3.5" trim (IMO), with one lip slightly over the edge. I do it all the time. I usual use two of the three screw holes (unless it is in a corner, where i can get all three), using quality 1-5/8 or 2" coated deck screws. I tend to not use the mounting box, witch is a bit...
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    2021 New Product From Dahua

    I will be curious about the multi-lens camera. On the surface, it doesn't make sense. I assume that it has two sensors, not just one 1/1.8"? Why would the panoramic and the detail segments use about the same focal length lens vs one being like 3mm (vs both being 8mm) and the other being much...
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    Using an IP camera with a video meeting app like Zoom or Jami

    Wyze released a firmware to use their V2 camera as a web camera for this exact reason.
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    Dahua CEO resigns

    Thanks for posting that. I suspect that the founder will ease vs exacerbate US government concerns compared to a former Huawei executive.
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    Multiple motion detection tiers?

    THat sounds like a PIR sensor in one area triggering the camera in another.
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    IVS Tripwire on Dahua

    The Wiki does not really address any of my above issues. What is needed is more of a best practices. If i get through this, maybe i will write one. Adding to the tripwire mysteries: I have noticed when i do get the setup working that strangely it is far more sensitive/responsive to small...
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    IVS Tripwire on Dahua

    Has anyone written up a guide of sorts on IVS Tripwire on Dahua cameras (ex IPC-HFW5231E-Z5)? I seem to struggle to understand the logic. There is a “detection zone”. Should this be used big to the boarder of the frame to allow time for an object to be noticed before the trip lines, unless...
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    New Mini PTZ now with 4x zoom SD1A404XB-GNR

    I am curious as to how they got the same low light performance as the previous 2mp 203 models with this new 4Mp version. Since they dont list shutter speed, they might be playing games. They should all be at 1/30s for consistency. They claim 4x optical, but my math says that it is still 3x...
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    What causes these ghost images?

    You need either more light on the target for the same shutter time (10x to 100X more, not 2x more) or you need to reduce the shutter time (which will darken the image, so you will need more light anyway). Don't increase the gain. It appears to be in B&W, so simply adding an external IR...
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    Does anyone know what gauge wire are used in Dahua cameras?

    I have not measured them, but since i did not see a reply i will take a guess. They are smaller than 16ga. my guess is 22 ga. good luck
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    Questions about day/night brightness management (profile)

    3. Assuming windows OS, try to add a static route then click the IE link to the camera. try the below (second line), assuming the NVR camera interface is on route ADD destination_network MASK subnet_mask gateway_ip metric_cost route ADD MASK
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    Possible to change zoom on Dahua Starlight IPC-HDW5231-RP-Z with SmartPSS?

    It doesn't work very well, but it works. For some reason it is very buggy. It is in the bottom left of live view, not in settings for some reason (another odd thing). I tend to use the browser interface to zoom.
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    tool head broke off in set screw of Starlight Housing

    Did you get it out? It looks like there is just enough thread to use a new set of Vicegrips on the outer threads and unscrew it. I am assuming it is extra tight and hence the reason the torx tip broke. If the Vicegrips do not work, i would drill the inside out (@Tibor Makai ) just enough to...
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    Wedge cam settings, when installed around front door

    Showing an example image with a face in the condition that you are having problems with would help. This is a hard condition to get a good image (into the bright sun). Being high on the wall and aiming down is the best first step, which it looks like you have going on. Is you exposure on auto...
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    Problem with order from Andy (Empiretecandy) and need advice

    I don't know what will happen here, but i had a lost package from Denmark a few years ago that i tried to track down. I got no where and was very frustrated. No amount of forms and tracking ever found it. I think it was DHL to USPS forwarded. The amazing thing is that in about 8 weeks, it...
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    Review-OEM 4mp AI Cam IPC-T5442TM-AS Starlight+

    finally we don't have to take the camera apart to insert the uSD. Yay.
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    Review IPC-T5442TM-AS-LED (Full Color, Starlight+)

    I am looking forward to this review. For me, it would seem to do a better job than the many dual mode models due to their terrible low light hysteresis logic in the cameras. Twice the pixels with 3x the light sensitivity is attractive. I like having a normal brightness full spectrum light on...
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    2MP Bitrate quality question

    Are you using variable bit rate (StreamCtr BRC_VBR)? I find the moment to moment (motion dependent) bit rate varies a lot (4:1), but the majority of the time mine are around 600 to 1200 kbps with a 10fps setting of "Best" quality under H265. I suspect that the lower quality cameras do...
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    Advice on indoor cams

    yes. The Dahua mini-wedge dome is your friend indoors. Higher than average WAF, great low light performance. If you are looking at the doors, and want ID of a stranger, i would get the 3.6mm lenses and position them about 10ft back, perhaps on the ceiling 8-9 ft up. If you really want good...
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    Light IR cut filter firmware fix?

    I remember bp2008's utility, but have never tried using it, or using time scheduling. It seems to me that simple light sensors should work well enough, but they don't. The slider does something, but not very much. It is probably programmed based on older pre-Starlight technology and has not...
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    Any thoughts to why they do not appear in the latest catalog?
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    Light IR cut filter firmware fix?

    Did some version of firmware improve the hysteresis / light sensitivity switching (BW to color) of the IPC-HDW5231R-Z? I ran across this last year. I "fixed it" by going to all color with a bit of extra light. I no loner want to leave the light on in that location. I had forgotten how bad...
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    Are the various 4239s in the latest Dahua catalog somewhere, called out with Full Color technology? I do not see them. They seem like a good option for several conditions.
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    Indoor PTZ or wide angle starlight?

    I have a few thoughts. First, if it were me, i would not go wireless or super small, just small like the mini wedge dome 3.6mm Dahua ( IPC-HDBW4231F-AS ) in the ceiling aimed at the area of interest from 15 ft or so. The goal is to either stop the activity (more visible the better), or catch...
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    Lines power motion light option

    I am thinking of installing a motion light system in my large open office space. The primarily goal is to encourage a perpetrator of a window break in attempt to chose to exit vs grab. I will gladly eat the cost of a window vs losing stuff. The secondary goal would be to increase pixels on...
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    Did I Miss Something or Is Eco Savvy 4.0 (Pro AI) New ?

    @bigredfish , The image appears to be pretty good in the white LED and porch light examples so long as you are not moving at all, but drop down considerably with even slight and slow motion. Not bad, but a serious drop. I wonder if adjusting the settings for faster shutter more gain a bit...
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    Effective light output per IR LED

    Does anyone have a good feel for the light output per LED at some useful distance as it relates to camera shutter speed? I am not sure that LUX is a good measure at 850nm, as I expect that the camera is way more sensitive to 850nm than to visible light of the same lux rating (just a guess), but...
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    IR illuminator that isn't a spot light?

    The price of that light has doubled. Any idea of the quality of any of the alternatives on Ali Express?
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    Please recommend IR lamp for exterior driveway and backyard

    <Moved post to hardware> Does anyone have a good feel for the light output per LED at some useful distance as it relates to camera shutter speed? I am not sure that LUX is a good measure at 850nm, as i expect that the camera is way more sensitive to 850nm than to visible light of the same lux...