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    Ubiquity EdgeRouter X - Configuring to Isolate Surveillance Networks

    There are advantages by having your NVR in the garage: noise (especially the POE ones make buzzzz) all camera bandwidth remains on the Switch1 and won't overload your ER-X. Do note that an ER-X is bad in switching, good in routing. Hey, it is a router after all. vlanning may become easier...
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    Just as a test: what happens if you create an IVS rule and tick "mail"?
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    Yup, as we speak still got spammed to hell :p Only thing I did is using this IP from gmail:
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    Dahua NVR Stopped sending emails

    Did you "tick" Snapshot and "Message" at the MD definition?
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    Dahua DMSS App.

    Indeed, "Parental" controls on Asus do block VPN access too (because you're coming from outside). I personally never messed with these LAN/WAN filters, but worked hardcore in iptables on my asus. The only drawback is (was?) that changing iptables was not persistent - after every reboot, you...
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    Review-Dahua DB-11 Video Door Bell

    Check cabling! O wait, wifi :p What about battery status?
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    Remote Garage Connection

    ^^ with @TonyR ! If you don't want to go the wifi-high-tech-route, and under the condition that your garage is on the same "power"circuit as your house, you can opt for what's called "powerline" adaptors: they "inject" TCPIP on the power cables. But, we have to face the (ugly) truth: they are a...
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    Dahua DMSS App.

    In your main screen, press "door" at the top, press the top right screw (settings) icon, pick second menu (Activate notifications) and make sure that twitch is active. Good luck! CC
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    Please Help!

    Indeed, good suggestions above : "bad" cables do suffer from corrosion and/or interference. Are these "artefacts" happening all the time or only when you use your microwave oven (as an example). To debug yourself: exchange 2 camera's, and see if the results "stick" to the camera or do they...
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    New here

    Gütentag und Herzlich Willkommen!
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    Please Help!

    Hi @HeresMathew: Is it that black "line" running across the mid-below camera? Is it the sound on the background? Is this only in Live View or is this also in Playback mode? As a first resort I'm tempted to say: do a factory reset of that specific camera and configure it like it was earlier (eg...
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    Funny / Satire

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    DaHua NVR5216-16P-4KS2 firmware upgrade questions.

    I prefer to do go that way indeed. However I see in previous posts to do a "system restore", that is something I counteradvice: if there are parameters that are redundant, obsolete or troublesome, you might run into possible issues on the new firmware.
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    Anyone using VLANs?

    Yes. :-D
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    Funny / Satire

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    accessing BI through VPN hosted on VPS

    Don't have android (anymore), but ain't there a "terminal" app in the OS itself where you can simply execute a "ping"? I now re-read your opening post: so if you'd open the VPN from your android to the VPS, do you call this "split tunnel"? And you are able to access BI webpage? But the BI app...
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    accessing BI through VPN hosted on VPS

    So to summarize your use case @tv1: your BI server is throwing an outbound VPN connection to your VPS. That seems to work, right? What IP's are you getting (local, vpn-internal etc) Secondly, you throw out an outbound VPN connection from your mobile to your VPS. That seems to work too, right...
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    Hitting cameras web pages with a laptop in an NVR with POE

    Okay, I fully understand your pain here. It's indeed a hit&miss feeling, but once my NVR was on v4 many issues (eg plugin required) disappeared. And if you bought it through @EMPIRETECANDY ), he can tell you for sure if your device is compatible (or not). That red triangle is new for me, so...
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    Hitting cameras web pages with a laptop in an NVR with POE

    Sorry, I don't see a red triangle on your screenshot? I only see green tickboxes? Any reason you are not on v4 firmware?
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    Hitting cameras web pages with a laptop in an NVR with POE

    @Mlda : I had a spare moment to login to my webinterface of the NVR. So on top left menu, you enter Camera, what do you get? Then you should get something like this: Can you show us what YOU get on these screens? Thanks! CC
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    Hitting cameras web pages with a laptop in an NVR with POE

    That's strange, but parts of it I recognize: I cannot upgrade the camera through the IE icon (local forward) in the GUI of the camera itself. However, in the "next" tabpane of "camera registration" of the NVR's UI, I can upload camera firmwares through the NVR webservices towards the camera's...
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    Dahua PTZ Stuttering in Live View and Playback

    What I would try to do: go into the webinterface of your camera itself (under Camera's - registration - IE icon and poof login): go into live view: does that stutter too? +1 on @SouthernYankee : fps of 30 is way over the top, especially with an iFrame of 60. Do the same on the substream...
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    Hi there :)

    Welcome to :iloveipct:! There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers :cool: Happy Camming! CC
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    Password forgotten on IPC-HDW5231R-ZE on nvr

    What you could have tried is to keep the POE connection plugged in to the cam, but holding the reset button for 15-20 seconds, this will forcibly factory reset the camera, and the NVR pushes its password back into the camera. Good job on your quick fix! CC
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    Can DMSS synch multiple cams during playback?

    For this "complex reviewing", I'm falling back on SmartPSS on PC.... On a phone it is incredible difficult to watch & deep inspect 2 screens.
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    Dahua NVR virtual host not working to access attached POE cameras

    Too many actions but not the "good" one :-) My advice: delete the cams in that camera registration screen (trashcan), then when still connected to the NVR, open up the back of the camera and press (and hold) the reset button for 10-15 seconds. You'll hear the camera reboot but keep the reset...
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    this may slow down the vandalism

    Well done! And this proofs to me that any camera should be covered in sight by another camera, at least to trigger "recording" when the other cam goes offline. And automatic skunk dispensers. Pew! :-)
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    dahua NVR, how to record general at lower quality and movement at high?

    That's what I tried to explain in post #2 but that didn't seem to work well?
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    SmartPSS wont open

    Yes. Have a look in @EMPIRETECANDY firmware repository here on IPCT if you bought your NVR through him. Good luck! CC