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    IVS events not showing on timeline, Dahua NVR5216 4KS2 V2

    I seem to recall reading somewhere that IVS events should display on the timeline of playback on the NVR, yet it doesn't on mine, I'm using the web interface . Is the event markers on the timeline only for the native UI or should it be available on the web interface also? The only event I see in...
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    Turret mount runs out of vertical travel

    Hi everyone, I have a starlight in turret form which I wish to mount on my garage facing up the driveway, mounting under eaves. When mounting turret I run out of adjustment to be able to point the turret up enough so I miss seeing taller people's heads unless they come quite close to the...
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    Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 V2or V1 and HDMI issue

    Hi, I've been researching NVR's and cameras for a couple of months now using this forum as it's full of excellent information. Finally decided on the NVR, ordered from one of the suppliers recommended here, and the unit arrived quite quickly yesterday. I ordered the V2 model but on opening...