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  1. Tinman

    User viewing certain camera groups idea

    I have asked Ken to consider this new feature idea. It would allow you to configure Users to have viewing rights to certain camera groups depending what profile you are in. I created a picture to help explain. In this example, when you click on the user’s “Limit to camera groups” you would...
  2. Tinman

    What happens to continuous clips on Daylight savings switch ?

    Wondering what happens to the hour we move back ? I notice the files are twice as big, yet when I view the clip they are still same 30 minute clip.
  3. Tinman

    BlueIris has come a long way.

    Stumbled on to my BI2 install file :) I couldn't find the BI1 but i am sure its on a disk somewhere. So for kicks I threw it on a VM and setup one, you forget how much has changed over the years ! File date was listed at 10-24-2011
  4. Tinman

    Video clip corruption on

    Anyone else here seeing this: Also had this happen on 2 other cameras (all Dahua running h.264 same as always) using BVR. This started with I have since rolled back and so far issue has not returned yet. Here is another example: OS: Windows 10 Pro CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)...
  5. Tinman

    Nothing better for allergies than a spring snow !

    And the ground is warm enough, so NO scooping as well !
  6. Tinman

    BI crashes when client connects with UI3

    After latest update I noticed it changed my web server hardware acceleration from "No" to "Intel QSV" This would cause BI to crash immediately when connecting to web server using UI3. By returning setting back to "NO" would fix the issue. According to help file, if you use Direct to...
  7. Tinman

    Cat Fight

    I mean a REAL cat fight :)
  8. Tinman

    Lost PTZ w/mouse cursor on update on SD49225T-HN

    Ever since and newer I have lost my mouse PTZ functions on my SD49225T-HN . I have sent support a note on this. works fine.
  9. Tinman

    How to clean the inside of lens on a SD49225T-HN

    I have been wanting to do this for about a year and today was a perfect day to get it done. The whole operation took about a 1.5 hours. Some of that was taking pictures LOL All that is needed is the CORRECT size of phillips screw driver and it really helps if it has a magnetic tip. The...
  10. Tinman

    Just one of those beautiful Fall mornings.

    It just makes the coffee taste better :)
  11. Tinman

    Close call on lightning !

    Was pretty impressed on how fast the camera's white balance bounced back. All my cams are on UPS because this strike killed the power for a few seconds.
  12. Tinman

    Audio error on

    I finally updated daughter's BI4 over the weekend and all went well except I am getting this sound error when I try to set a logon alert sound. Which btw was already configured in BI4 but I wasn't getting this error. This is a headless system that is RDT into. I also shot Ken a email on it.
  13. Tinman

    Ragbrai 2019

    8500 in our little town doubles the population for one day. Thank God! Good people though and lots of fun.
  14. Tinman

    Anyone know what update addressed ?

    I am currently running it and all seems the same. I still have the issue where the first time I dbl click a cam when in remote management it pulls up the wrong cam. After that it is fine, just the first time.
  15. Tinman

    Stormy Sky Pics & Video

    Mother nature was painting the sky tonight. A little time lapse
  16. Tinman

    Anyone else try BI5's Popup toast alerts ?

    Got mine to work, but a few bugs in it yet as far as working 100% reliable. For one thing you can't use the trigger icon to test it (which it does trigger the cam, but no popup) actual motion trigger will work. For me, it works most of the time, but will get in a state where they quit working...
  17. Tinman

    How to safely uninstall BI4 after you have BI5 installed.

    So if you just really have to uninstall BI4 here is the way I did mine successfully. 1. FIRST and most important. Run regedit and navigate to this key and export the key to a safe folder that you can find again later. 2. Now uninstall BI4 Be sure you select NO on this one...some...
  18. Tinman

    Blizzard knocks out my PTZ

    Well I had to unplug My Dahua SD49225T-HN tonight as we are having a blizzard. This cam has been through many storms, but it couldn't hold up to this one. I figured it is just frozen and won't pan or tilt anymore but was still producing video stream. I unplugged it just to be safe and not damage...
  19. Tinman

    Gas leak explosion

    This happened last week and my friends cam caught the action. Turn on the audio. The cam is a Dahua IPC-HDW4231EM-ASE 2.8MM . The fire department was called, but it extinguished itself. This PTZ cam grabbed this picture. Just to the right og the word Feed, you can see where it blew panels...
  20. Tinman

    Clip management ?

    I had a client that tried to copy one of their BI clips to the desktop. What happened was that the clip was actually moved to the desktop. The picture explains the confusion part. I realize that it is under "Move" but the menu says "copy only to" and gives you the impression you would be...
  21. Tinman

    Light artillery shell and ring door bell

    Wow !
  22. Tinman

    Does your BI do this ?

    Not a big deal, but every time I do a BI update it always gives me a critical red error "restarted after a unexpected shutdown" It wasn't unexpected shutdown as BI always restarts after a update. I just don't like seeing a red Icon and forces me to go in and clear the message. It would be...
  23. Tinman

    WD 4TB Purple drive failure

    Today I logged into my daughter's BI system and noticed yellow exclamations on half of her cams. After further research I figured out one of her 4TB drives failed completely. Fortunately I have 1/2 of her cams continuous record to one 4TB drive and the other half to another 4TB drive. So I...
  24. Tinman

    Dropping a 90 ft. Pin Oak Tree

    Yesterday they cut down a huge 90 foot Pin Oak tree at my neighbors. It was a 3 day job and took many many truck loads. It shook the ground so hard you can see my cam shake. Neighbors 4 blocks away could feel it !! Glad that thing is gone, it loved to take out my power during storms.
  25. Tinman

    Does anyone else get this error ?

    Seem to always get this same error but don't really know what the error actually is.
  26. Tinman

    Anyone use "Anydesk" instead of Teamviewer ?

    I have been playing with "Anydesk" for the last few days and really like it compared to Teamviewer. It's just a cleaner interface and is less bloated than Teamviewer. It's free for personal use and it works very well for my headless BI machine. The Fast Remote Desktop Application - AnyDesk
  27. Tinman

    Need Installer in Marathon, FL area

    Have a friend in Marathon who needs someone to install 5-6 Dahua cams and NVR or PC running BI. He will need POE switches, NVR or PC, cams .....which I can order all for him, but if the installer wants to buy that will work as well. I just suggested he needs to get the Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE...
  28. Tinman

    If your "inactive cams" show up in your remote "all cam view"

    My brother and I screwed around a couple of hours trying to figure out why his "inactive cams" from another profile were showing up in remote view of "all cams" Mine wasn't doing this and his was. We finally figured out it depends on a few factors, depending on when you checked "hidden" on a...
  29. Tinman

    How many cams can you record to one drive continuous ?

    Recently I installed a 4TB purple drive and started out with 6 cams running continuous recording in BI and had no issues. Then I added 2 more making the total 8 now and it seems to run fine all day but at night I am getting lag and ghosting in ALL of my clips (total of 15 cams) My CPU is...
  30. Tinman

    SD49225T-HN goes round and round using Iphone app & BI

    This just happened to me last night. I was panning my SD49225T-HN using the IPhone BI app (latest version) and it got stuck into a panning cycle round and round and became unresponsive. I went on the pc and hit the home button and it quit. Then this morning my buddy called and said his was...