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  1. dastrix

    Alternatives to Blueiris that are more enterprise

    Hi All, Looking for an alternative to BlueIris , something which has role based LDAP authentication and can support up to 32 cameras. They will be a mixed of turrent and PTZ Dahua units . Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. dastrix

    Digital I/O's and signalling other cameras

    Hi All, Im setting up 4 x PTZ cameras for a warehouse. They will be high end Dahua units. As its critical to get motion based movement I want to determine if this is possible with the cameras set to 'Always record' no , motion (software) based recording. 1) Cameras connect to a 12V PIR on one...
  3. dastrix

    Another, what hardware. Rack mount/Quick Sync/25 cameras on BI

    Needs to be rack mounted, ideally something from HP/Dell/Supermicro. Requirement will be recording from 20 to 25 x Dahua IPC-T5442T-ZE at full resolution and it will be likely set to always record - going into a manufacturing facility. Price is no real barrier, performance is. So I guess an...
  4. dastrix

    Using Cameras to trigger lights in BI - false positives

    Hi All, Im having a reoccuring issue in that the lights will come on due to motion detected by the camera (great) but when the lights go off, the contrast change, I assume, is triggering the lights to go on again. Ive played with object size and contrast but making them less sensitive stops...
  5. dastrix

    Dahua PTZ camera for no light

    Hi All I need to set one up in a rural area, where there is zero light. We want to capture the license plate of cars at night moving about 15-20km/hr up the driveway The camera will be pole mounted approx 30meters to 50meters from where we want to film Require PoE, IP67/IK10 and PTZ. Any...
  6. dastrix

    Taking LPR database from dahua camera and exposing it elsewhere?

    Hi All Does anyone know if this data can be exported to a file on another system or something so that it can be formatted/displayed in something like a home automation system? when using the Dahua LPR camera? I do not use a Dahua DVR. I use blueiris. Would it be best to look at something...
  7. dastrix

    Dahua DHI-ITC237-PU1B-IR

    hi Guys, im looking at this camera for a rural property. Night time, no light but we want to capture license plates as they enter the property. Dahua DHI-ITC237-PU1B-IR This one looked suitable. We are using blue iris though so my question is really, how would this work with LPR and by that...
  8. dastrix

    Junction box in black for Dahua 5231R-ZE???

    HI All Does anyone know if this is a) available and b) would fit? I need to wall mount one of these cameras on brick and can't get the camera cables into the wall, will need to use conduit. Thanks!
  9. dastrix

    DSC PC560 Alarm

    Hi All Got given this and want to get it to work. I can power it up, put a new battery on it and also its got a keypad and Crow PIR sensor I tried the reset by bridging the PGM/Zone 1 wire. When it comes back up, all the zone lights are on and the system light won't go out. *2 says its zone...
  10. dastrix

    Camera suggestion

    Hi All, Looking for something with external mic input, IP67, Starlight sensor, 2-4 megapixels, and optical zoom, 12 or more times would be nice. Limit about $300 USD. Any suggestions? The trusty 5231R is great but without an external mic input its out. Something along those lines though thanks
  11. dastrix

    12V microphone to pickup audio 10meters away

    Hi There, Looking for one that would pickup noise/audio from about 10 meters away. Will run this with a POE splitter/RCA coupler Any suggestions? Thank you
  12. dastrix

    Using cameras as motion sensors to turn on lights

    Hi All, Im doing this but seeing alot of false positives with motion, such as when it rains the lights will go on/off and theres lots of recording at night Im confused as to the min contrast/make time, which would be most suited to remove these positives? The cameras record motion just fine...
  13. dastrix

    Ghosting..Dahua 5231R-ZE

    Hi Gents, Getting this a bit with people moving H264, 15FPS, Direct to Disk, 4096 Bit rate, 30 Iframe. Running 8 cameras on a i8 8100, 8GB Ram, SSD. CPU is around 20% Any suggestions? Thankyou
  14. dastrix

    Unauthenticated access into a Dahua, how?

    Hi All I need a method to allow this because I'm unable to encode a username and password into the HTTP string to view a substream. I have a home automation server which uses the http substream feeds (MJPG) but trying to avoid having to put usernames and passwords into each camera. I have a...
  15. dastrix

    IPC-5241R-ZE HTTPS issue when using the WebUI

    Hi All I created a cert, downloaded it and installed it but it says the connection is still insecure. Read through the manual and cant work out what im doing any wrong? Any suggestions? I want HTTP removed entirely Thanks!
  16. dastrix

    Any competitors to the 5231R but with WIFI? Must have WIFI

    Hi All, I need something with wifi im afraid, this is not for me personally but Ive got a friend who has an apartment that doesnt lean to hard wiring. Not ideal but ive no real choice Any anyone suggest something good for low light, ideally PTZ. This is all I can find 2MP 4x WiFi PTZ – Dahua...
  17. dastrix

    Has anyone seen good benefits from nVME drives?

    Hi All I currently run BI on a VM on a Qnap Xeon based NAS on M2 SATA SSD flash drives for the OS. It runs very well, with storage on a RAID6. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced less cpu usage and an overall performance increase by running on nVME drives based off PCIe vs SATA SSD...
  18. dastrix

    5231R LPR suggestions?

    Hi All Does anyone know if its possible to capture plates in a resonably well lite lane at night? if so, can anyone suggest some Night time settings I could try? Thank you
  19. dastrix

    Advanced Motion detection with groups

    Hi All Right now I use the HTTP interface to send commands to BI via OpenHab to turn on/off motion recording. It works well however it's not as granular as I'd like. What I'm looking to do is some how turn off motion for a certain 'group' of cameras only, is that possible? for example: When...
  20. dastrix

    Archiving, is my understanding correct

    Hi All My local BI machine has a RAID1 SAS of 1TB, I have my NEW set for 30 days, 500GB. Am I right in saying the following will move clips over 30 days into the STORED folder and that after a further 60 days (making my clip 90 days old) they get deleted? So - Clips sit for 30 days on...
  21. dastrix

    Painting Dahua 5231R

    Has anyone done this? I want to paint them black. Any tips ;)
  22. dastrix

    PTZ successor to this?

    Hi All I have one of these cameras - It works quite well but its not as good as my 5231R in low light. Is there a successor to this camera or something which improves the low light performance? Thank you!
  23. dastrix


    hi All I am trying to display MJPEGS of all my cameras in a java applet thats part of my home automation system. Right now, we are using the substream url and proxying it because the cameras (Dahua 5231) use digest authentication and we cant pass those credentials using the url (shame theres...
  24. dastrix

    Reolink substream for Fluet?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know the url to pull the low quality sub stream? Is it HTTP or RTSP? thank you
  25. dastrix

    Dahua 5231R doesnt accept Basic Auth???

    Hi All I see there is a setting for changing the authentication but this appears only for RTSP? I am trying to authenticate to the camera using NGINX using basic auth, with a username/password defined on the camera automatically by using 'proxy_set_header Authorisation "basic XYZ" however when...
  26. dastrix

    View Dahua substreams without user/password?

    Does anyone know if this is possible, ie unauthenticated access to the camera substream? Thanks!
  27. dastrix

    HTTP feed from a substream - 5231R

    hi guys im trying to put web cam feeds into openhab, by using the URL encoded with the username/password. I cant seem to work out how to get the live video feed. The only thing that works in the snapshot (http://admin:password@ can anyone assist? RTSP isnt an...
  28. dastrix

    Intel kaby lake i5 nuc vs i7 4700 Desktop

    HI All The NUC has the Iris Plus 640 where as the i7 4770 has the HD 4600 GPU. Which would be best for Blue Iris in terms of performance? Both machines have 8GB ram and a SATA based SSD. Thanks Kris
  29. dastrix

    Raspberry Pi3 with BI

    Hi all, I was originally intending to output my HDMI from the CCTV PC I run BI on directly to my 75" HDMI TV but the issue is im using ESX and ive been unsuccessful. Im considering now running raspberry pi and plugging that into the TV via HDMI. Has anyone used this to access their BI machine...
  30. dastrix

    Intel HD4600 on ESX

    Hi All, i have a VM on my i7 4770. CPU is high for the cameras I have compared to when it was on a physical machine (the same machine, just not virtualized) Is there something I need to do to have Win10 use hardware acceleration of the GPU under ESX as a VM? Thankyou!