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  1. Nanookofthenorth

    Graphics cards - What do you recommend?

    The On Board Intel Graphics (Intel HD 4600) with the i7-4790K 4GHZ processor on my new build is crap. I'm going to add a dedicated graphics card. Looking for PCI Express 3.0 x 16 interface with one or two HDMI ports. I hardly know anything about the current world of graphic cards. Any good...
  2. Nanookofthenorth

    Migrating BI from Windows XP Pro to 8.1

    In a nutshell, XP machine met an unfortunate death. Building new machine with 8.1. I'm hoping I can recover data. I did create a backup using the Blue Iris software. I also created backup within BI Tools (I think these might be the same?). I remember reading in the help files something...
  3. Nanookofthenorth

    Blue Iris Schedule configuration just "gone"

    Noticed BI was sending copious alerts today. Also noticed that the schedule was on "profile 2", my settings for night time. After reviewing the configuration settings for the schedule in BI options, I noticed that all my settings for profile 1 and profile 2 no longer exists. What happened...
  4. Nanookofthenorth

    Network cabling issues for POE cameras

    I keep experiencing issues when making a cable over approximately 50 feet. I'm not sure if it is the distance, the connectors, or something else. I test the cable after making them and they test correctly for the pin out. Cable is UTP 4PR 24AWG Cat5e. The last one I tried that would not...