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    DH-SD59432XA-HNR Firmware Update?

    Hi Andy, I noticed file "" available for this camera on Dahua website. Is this the latest compatible for the camera I just got from you? One of the zip bin files is "Upall_SD-Prometheus.20200331.bin". Would I be right in...
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    Blue Iris Support Response time?

    Just wondering if 8 days and no response of any kind is a current expectation? Last time I used the support it was much quicker.
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    Focus control on Dahua SD59430U-HNI

    I used to use an Amcrest/Dahua profile to run said camera and it operated all functions except diagonal panning. I switched to the Generic/ONVIF profile and it seems to do everything except manual focus over ride. The Amcrest/Dahua profile is no longer there. The camera operates correctly...
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    SD59430U-HNI RJ45 pinouts

    My SD59430U-HNI outdoor PTZ started to exhibit sporadic dropouts. When I checked out the RJ45 connection I found significant water ingress, corrosion and even some "greenery". Cleaning with alcohol swabs did not provide a permanent fix. I am replacing it by cutting off the old, replacing with...