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    UI3 recorded videos that are older than one day are not correct.

    So pretty much any video's in UI3 that are 1 day or older play the same clip, The preview is correct. Anything for the current day is correct. If I'm on the main console all of the videos are correct and they are correct on the mobile app. I've tried UI3 on different PC's and browsers.
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    Mystery PTZ ONVIF inspection issues

    So I had this working yesterday for a hot minute... I purchased this ebay PTZ item number: 333716665303. I can fully control it with ODM AKA ONVIF device manager and I used wireshark to verify that the PTZ commands are using port 80. So i know the PTZ tab needs just left alone at port 80 check...
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    Lost alerts view in UI3

    Hi everyone! I just upgraded to and lost the alerts view/tab. The alerts still show on the BI PC it's not like they went away.
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    Cameras falling offline

    I have a system that has bunch of reolink, amcrest and SV3C cameras. It's mainly my sv3c cameras are falling offline hourly every once in a while, the reolink and amcrest cameras fall offline mainly at reboot.. They are still accessable from the web GUI and they respond to a ping. To fix it I...
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    Push notifications picture preview not working and "get ip's button.

    I had the push notifications working %100 but then my IP changed a couple of weeks ago and ever since then I get a motion notification but without the preview. I can access my DVR web interface VIA http://myWANipaddress:81. Also the "get ip's" button still loads my old IP address I just manually...