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    Solar Powered IR Illuminator

    I am considering adding a small IR Illuminator at my mailbox to help add some additional light. Has anyone run into a way to power them from a solar battery?
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    Camera Status Red Text (No Signal) When Hardware Accelerated Decode is On But Only At Night

    I just bought a new LPR camera (IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E), which I got installed a few days ago. All my cameras are set to are set to "Intel" for Hardware accelerated decode. With the Z12E, during the day it acts fine with these settings. At night, I noticed that there is a yellow icon at the top...
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    Will Lowering a 4K Camera to 2MP Help Night Time Videos?

    I have a 4K camera that I use for an overview of my yard. As the Cliff Notes clearly spell out multiple times, the night time video is very poor when compared to my Dahua 2 MP Starlight cameras. The specifications say this 4K camera has a 1/2.3″ sensor. That left me wondering if lowering the...
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    Morning Neighborhood Car Thieves

    Car checkers have been a very frequent for the past year. Lots of cars in my surrounding area have been rummaged through (if unlocked) and stolen (if the keys were left in car :banghead: ) this year. These videos were taken a few days ago. In regards to the Driveway camera, what are your...
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    Lagging Video in BI

    Hey, I have noticed that a few of my cameras internal timestamp is not matching the BI timestamp. If I log directly into the camera the timestamp is correct. If I compare that to BI the camera is about a minute behind. I have 2 cameras that are doing this, 1 - 8 MP and 1 - 5 MP camera. BI shows...
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    Need Advise On Powering 2 Cameras

    I currently have a CAT 6 cable running through my attic to my unfinished garage and to an exterior camera on the side of my garage. It is being supplied with 15.4 W with my Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 8 60W (US-8-60W). I would like at add a hikivison cube cam in my garage. I am trying to figure out...
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    Camera Feed Switch During Recorded Playback

    As you are watching a recorded camera stream in BI, is there a way to switch to a different camera and continue watching the stream at the same date and time? Example: I am watching a recording from camera 1 in full screen and a "subject" moves offscreen into the view of camera 2. Is it...
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    Windows 10 - Disk Not Ready with Run as a Service

    I just did a fresh install of Windows 10 on my computer. I was running Windows 7 previously so trying to get this computer up with the times. I remember when I originally setup BI on Win 7 I had a hard time getting BI to "Run as a Service" and record to my network drive. After reading the help...
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    Blue Iris - Door Bell Button Trigger

    I have a RCA DB1 Door Bell installed and working with BI for the past couple of months. It's currently setup to trigger my phone app if someone enters a zone on my front porch. It's been working as one would expect with BI (i.e. I haven't had any issues :)). At this point I have deleted the RCA...
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    Blue Iris & Stunnel - http working but https is not

    Hello, I installed Stunnel and edited the config file to this: [blue-iris] client = yes accept = 8777 connect = 8989 cert = stunnel.pem I opened the port 8777 in my router to forward to 8989. I can connect to the stunnel port 8777 from my phone blue iris app if I set the wan to http. If I...