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  1. TundraCam

    Door Station w/ 2 buttons ?

    Is there a good door station / doorbell that has two buttons (plus camera and possibly mic & speaker)? I'd like to be able to distinguish between someone standing at the door who needs someone to come immediately and a package drop-off that is not so urgent. So far those that I've found are...
  2. TundraCam

    Temp/Portable desktop/shelftop WiFi/PLA camera solutions ?

    We want to get 3 cameras that can be easily moved around our house. Most locations do not have easy ethernet access so I think either WiFi or Powerline (AV2). Our WiFi network is fairly robust (Five Unify Nano's, one Nano-HD and one AP-AC-Pro) but I think I'd prefer to avoid WiFi if possible...
  3. TundraCam

    Best E-Locks for exterior doors?

    It seems that there are a few that should be avoided as they are not very secure. I'd read somewhere a year or two ago to avoid Baldwin as they used a cheap circuit that was easily hacked and their locks could be drilled easily. Are there others that s/b avoided? Any that are especially good...
  4. TundraCam

    4MP/Varifocal/Starlight? IPC-HFW5442E-ZE, N45DB7Z, Or ??

    Hi Andy. I THINK what I want for a base general purpose camera is 4MP / Varifocal / Starlight? Ideally turret but it seems for now bullet may be the only good option? These would fulfill about 17 positions w/ the remaining 10 a combo of PTZ and higher rez fixed focus. These seem good options...
  5. TundraCam

    Designing a new system: Begin w/ 5231 as default cam and then find exceptions ?

    Designing a surveillance system for our new house has suddenly fallen in to my lap so I'm trying to do so rather quickly. We are scheduled to move in on 5 Jun. The camera locations (27 in all) and focus points have been determined and pre-wired. I'm trying to pick the best cameras for each. It...
  6. TundraCam

    How insecure is OVRC?

    SnapAV are building OVRC in to every product they make or distribute giving techs full 24/7 remote access to every bit of equipment in a home including cameras. Techs can also view and presumably capture all LAN traffic. Extremely little info on their website about what they're doing from a...