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    Noisy hdd

    I have a 10tb 7200 purple and it is noisy. So much so I can hear vibration of it writing through the walls of my server closet. I’ve had it for maybe a year. The 4tb it replaced was quiet. It gets on my nerves Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Problem with vpn while on separate WiFi

    Ok so I have a L2TP set up on my Unifi usg4pro and an account for it set up on my iPhone. While I am on LTE or 4g cellular and connected to my vpn server I have no issues accessing my BI server through the BI app and also my UnIfi controller from the unifi app. Everything works as planned with...
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    When you have a lot of cpu to spare

    So after optimizing for cpu and playing with it like that a while I have realized I have a lot of room. I’ve got the cpu down to as little as 6-8% with console closed and 12-16% when console is open and on screen. I can go forward or back at 256x speed for all feeds simultaneously and it hits...
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    Camera restarts

    What would cause a couple of cameras to randomly restart once or twice a day? I noticed today that a couple of cameras have done this at different times. Usually down for about one and a half minutes then shows back up. I have a hard time believing it is wiring or connection issues because there...
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    Max bit rate??

    I have some 2mp starlights and I’m having an issue deciding what max bit rate I need to be using on my cams. Some of them are running 15 FPS and some at 10 FPS. Right now I have the 15fps cams set at 3000kbs and the 10fps at 2048fps. I have one camera that is pointing down and has mostly grass...
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    Spiders and insects.

    Since I’ve installed my cameras I have had a massive spider infestation under my eves and around my windows. I didn’t much think about it but I’m starting to think maybe the IR has a lot to do with it. In the past I had normal amount of spiders on my house and I left them alone and let them do...
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    Clips not all deleting like they should?

    I had screwed up and sent my clips to a folder to delete that wasn’t actually created on my drive. Anyway got that corrected and have been toying around. Everything looks good and clips seem to be deleting except I notice clips from one camera are not deleting. So it appears when I’m looking at...
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    UPS battery backup

    What UPS do you prefer and why? I’ve been looking as several units but when I start reading reviews of them failing shortly, almost burning houses down or just being glitchy I hold off. Is there anything solid and reliable around or under $200? I intend on powering the bi pc, Mac mini, poe...
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    Verifocal zoom powers

    When adjusting a verifocal for a location how do I tell what power or lens size I have adjusted to? For instance my 5231 goes from 0 to 2390 and I’m trying to figure out what fixed lens I need for that location Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone use point to point wireless?

    Just curious. I am still new at ipcams and I am setting up my house as we speak. But once I get my small project going I was considering putting some cameras up at my dads house that is maybe 1000’ away. Is it possible to do it securely? If so is it also possible to run cameras and internet...
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    Dahua video path

    I am setting up dahua cams for my blue iris pc. In the cameras menu I have these paths to set,,, Live snapshot Live record Playback snapshot Playback download Video clips On my pc I have a 512gb ssd and a 4tb wd purple, would I want to send any of these to the ssd? Sent from my iPhone...
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    P2P in camera, does it need to be on or off? Using on Blue iris. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New user needs help finding cameras

    Ok please bare with me. I just got bi5 installed to a pc I just bought and am trying set up some new starlight cameras. When I plug camera in to poe switch the power light will flash and then go off. Not really sure what I’m doing and when I go to add camera it just won’t find it. Sent from my...
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    Pc configuration

    Ok I’m a complete noob but I’m jumping in to this ip camera and blue iris thing. This is one of many questions I will have to make sure I get it right. My buddy who is a nerd for computers is setting me up an optiplex pc he got off ebay. Here is what I know about it. I7 6gen 16 gb ram 500gb...
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    Hello all!

    Just registered. Been trying to learn stuff for a month and trying to put my first system together. I’m sure I’m going to need some help with a few things. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk