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    Do onvif cameras on aliexpress work with Hikvision NVR?

    I'm interested in adding a 3 cameras to my house, 1 bullet and 2 ptz. Hikvision cameras are quite expensive (especially PTZ) so thinking of going the aliexpress route. There are a couple of PTZ onvif cameras with quite a lot of sales/reviews on aliexpress and seem like a good buy. Curious which...
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    Ideas for Hikvision mini-bullet camera extension/mount

    I installed a mini bullet camera on the sidewall of the house and tried adjusting it but can't seem to get a clear shot of the alley because camera base is too small and camera sits close to the wall. Any ideas/products on how to move the camera away from the wall a bit? It'll be nice if the...
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    Mic options for Turrent and Bullet cameras?

    I was planning on installing Bullet/Turret cameras outside - since these are the recommended ones for exterior walls, however, no hikvision Easy IP 3.0 bullet/turret camera has audio interface to connect a mic. I find it really odd that only Domes have the audio/alarm interface. Is there a...
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    Easy IP 3.0 Dome vs Mini-Dome performance?

    Was planning on getting regular 4MP domes but found out that Mini-Domes have built-in microphones - which is something I want. So wondering if there are performance differences between Dome and Mini-Dome? or any quirks specific to mini-domes?
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    Hikvision 7608NI-K2 Mouse stops working

    I got the nvr brand new from Hikvision official store couple of weeks ago. Since day 2, I've noticed the mouse stops working (cursor disappears). It usually happens after I haven't interacted with the NVR for few hours (e.g. overnight). When it happens, the mouse laser light is on (indicating...
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    Choosing Hikvision cameras: Lines and Darkfighter

    Is there a huge difference between sensor image quality between 1, 2 and 2plus lines? I went to the local Hikvision shop/distributor and asked for a 3MP Dome camera for indoor use (no need for night vision). The cheapest one was 1-line, he said for the same price I can have 1.3MP 2-line, and...
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    Dahua Starlight vs Hikvision low light performance

    I've spent hours trying to figure out which cameras are good for low light/night color recording. On this forum, it looks like Starlight is the gold standard, however, looking at specs for Hikvision's EasyIP 3.0 2355 Turret (5MP), the lux ratings are nearly identical. Does that mean hikvision...
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    VCA Functions Hikvison vs Dahua?

    Hi, I'm new to home security camera scene from the research I've done. In Pakistan, we have two main brands Dahua and Hikvision, with Hikvision being more popular. I really like the idea of Line Intrusion/Tripwire detection features in their cameras. Do these work well? Which brand has better...