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  1. wittaj

    IVS barely functioning

    Screen shots of your IVS rules will help to see what is going on. It could be a variety of things that we can start to troubleshoot just with some screenshots.
  2. wittaj

    Amcrest AD110 - Can I do better than this?

    @Flintstone61 - that is a pretty common issue. A simple cheap diode takes care of it.
  3. wittaj

    Samsung SDR-B74301 Feed to Blue Iris

    Or eliminate the NVR and buy some cheap switches to feed BI.
  4. wittaj

    Pandemic threat? Anyone else concerned?
  5. wittaj

    Dahua AutoTracking Setup SD49225XA-HNR

    1. Haven't used DMSS in forever, but I think there is like a flag like icon that you select that and the presets come up. 2. Really depends on your field of view and angle and how close the object is before you start tracking, but 25-35 is usually a good starting point. 3. Yes, while under...
  6. wittaj

    no audio from Dahua IP camera microphone

    Yep, you reference two different cameras. The ipc-hdw3849hp-as-pv active deterrence has two-way talk capability built in. The IPC-HFW2831T-ZAS-S2 needs external speaker and mic with power as @sebastiantombs mentions
  7. wittaj

    5.4.5 - May 10, 2021 has settled back down. I guess it was using more RAM and CPU at startup than, but the levels are back to where they were in
  8. wittaj

    Review IPC-T5442TM-AS-LED (Full Color, Starlight+)

    A common theme around here is don't fix what ain't broke. If the camera is working and meets your needs, in many instances an update breaks what you had working and provides you with something you didn't need. A Z12E that someone updated and then constantly reboots comes to mind, and a certain...
  9. wittaj

    Samsung SDR-B74301 Feed to Blue Iris

    Yeah, sometimes the NVR is proprietary and cannot be seen with programs outside of their systems. Since VLC can't see it, strong likelihood it is a unit that cannot be brought in to BI.
  10. wittaj

    Dahua AutoTracking Setup SD49225XA-HNR

    1. - yes you will need to get it back to a preset or the autotracking will not happen. 2. Tracking target size is how big do you want the object in the frame - but the larger you make the target size, the easier it is for the object to get out of view and tracking stop. For a person, you want...
  11. wittaj

    5.4.5 - May 10, 2021

    Yeah, certainly the use case does make a difference. For those of us not caring about the wildlife, it makes perfect sense, but if you want to be reviewing and seeing things that don't trigger the camera, then it might not make much sense, or lower your triggers to get those and let it record...
  12. wittaj

    5.4.5 - May 10, 2021

    I just jumped from to that was just released about an hour ago and the CPU and RAM are already higher than it has been the past day running at I will keep monitoring and report back.
  13. wittaj

    GW Security GW8555MIP

    Most of their cameras have a factory reset on the back of the camera. It might be inside the "door" where the SD card is or have to take it partially apart. If there is no hardware reset button, try downloading their IPCManager tool and the camera will be searched automatically, and select it...
  14. wittaj

    Panasonic fish-eye WV-x4170 Night vision question

    Wow that is an expensive camera! Quick look and it appears that camera does not have an IR filter which means it will not see infrared light... Electrical is just an Image processing method used for day & night switch, but has nothing to do with being able to see infrared light. I am sure you...
  15. wittaj

    "true" NVR specs?

    In that case you would be fine then! Looking at bandwith and number of channels capable of a certain resolution and you should be fine!
  16. wittaj

    5.4.5 - May 10, 2021

    You will have to go into recording in each camera and change it to continuous+alerts to take advantage of the new features.
  17. wittaj

    "true" NVR specs?

    This is a very capable NVR, but it costs more than some people buy a whole all-in-one box kit for (but they are getting what they pay for in either case)...
  18. wittaj

    "true" NVR specs?

    The all-in-one box kits with cameras for the most part have limitations. Most of the NVRs Andy sells are fully capable, but they are not in a box set with cheap cameras and the NVR itself starts at several hundred dollars. That is the difference. Many of the folks here that love NVRs are...
  19. wittaj

    GW Security GW8555MIP

    I just did a quick search and supposedly the default IP address 192.16. 8.0
  20. wittaj

    5.4.5 - May 10, 2021

    It is working great! Mine has been going for over 24 hours and is awesome. CPU% is lower and RAM is lower than previous versions I have been running. Unbelievable improvement with storage and these better CPU and RAM usage is a bonus!
  21. wittaj

    Motion Detection Not Working

    That is correct!
  22. wittaj

    Motion Detection Not Working

    I would still make the storage as zero - BI could interpret that as an over-allocation error at some point and cause issues.
  23. wittaj

    "true" NVR specs?

    That is true...and is one of the many reasons why many here go to Blue $80 NVR off Amazon will not cut it nor will that all-in-one box kit from Costco LOL....but for several hundred dollars just for the NVR you can start to get capable NVRs. I'd recommend you consider a Blue...
  24. wittaj

    Motion Detection Not Working

    Limit the files to 1 hour is in the cut and combine section and has nothing to do with how long the files are retained. The not limiting by time is in reference to how long files are kept until they are deleted and most are better off doing it by available drive space and let that be the...
  25. wittaj

    Dlink DCS-2670L keep losing connection in Blue Iris

    We answered your question in the other thread where you mentioned this...
  26. wittaj

    Blue Iris Motion Detection Not Working Well

    Did you watch the video above in the original post? The dude got into his car and backed it into the garage and the camera completely missed it! In addition to the great thread above that has pieced it all together collectively from members here with those cameras not working, this is an...
  27. wittaj

    Hi guys really need help find finding the original firmware for this Ctronics camera much appreciated

    Yep, you learned a hard lesson we mention around here...a common theme around here is don't fix what ain't broke. If the camera is working and meets your needs, in many instances an update breaks what you had working and provides you with something you didn't need. A Z12E that someone updated...
  28. wittaj

    Junction Boxes for Dahua Bullet Cameras,,, can I get smaller

    That is the compromise - either a big @$$ junction box or a larger hole that the camera covers up...
  29. wittaj

    Uniview Colour hunter camera configuration

    Light is certainly a much needed friend to these types of cameras! Auto/default settings rarely produce the best results, especially at night. You are focused on a static image with no motion - you need to be more concerned about a great capture with motion. Blur and ghosting with motion...
  30. wittaj

    Need help to install my camera

    gDMSS will work with P2P off. You can turn if off now and would still see the cams when on your home network, just not away. Quit watching tutorials....if they are talking about port forwarding for OpenVPN then clearly they are doing something wrong....just because someone posted a video to...