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  1. gtj

    Outdoor cable life expectancy and impact on IR illumination

    Hi, I have a question with regards to outdoor ethernet cabling for PoE IP cameras. I have a system up and running for over 5 years now and only lately noticed that the infra-red illumination of my cameras has become dimmer/more faint to a point that I've now started to think about...
  2. gtj

    PoE Ip Camera recommendation for Outdoor use

    Hi guys, I'm on the market for an outdoor PoE camera as my Amcrest IP3M-954E gave up the ghost after 4.5 years of service. The cables got degraded gradually from the weather elements and finally, something sorted internally so I guess it's not worth a repair... I'm looking at the Annke C800...
  3. gtj

    BLue Iris 5.0 live view not working

    So, I pulled the trigger and purchased extended support with the intention to migrate from v4 to v5. I followed the guide provided in here and at first everything was working fine. However, after just a few hours, I noticed that the live view of the cameras on the server is dead - frozen and...
  4. gtj

    Recommended IP camera for indoors (BI)

    I once saw the Annke Cube being recommended as a good indoor option for implementing with Blue Iris. My question is, is that specific PoE Cam still recommended? Are there any other quality options at a reasonable cost?
  5. gtj

    Blue Iris Remote Viewer in Linux

    Perhaps I might be asking too much but have been wondering if there is a Linux client or browser plugin (like ActiveX in IE) which would allow smooth remote viewing. I'm asking because my laptop runs Linux Mint and it would be nice for me to be able to watch smooth video from my BI security...