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    ALPR capabilities of IRLZF1050?

    Just curious if anyone has experience with the ALPR capabilities of the ITC237-PW6M-IRLZF1050? I'm currently running a Z12E using about 90 percent (1140) of the zoom, but might be able to get by with the 50mm zoom in the IRLZF1050 if the ALPR was generally functional. I've seen other reviews of...
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    Question on IPC-T2831 housing

    I have a couple of 8mp IPC-T2831T-AS S2s that I bought from Andy that have the plastic housing and trim ring, but the 8mp varifocal model--also listed as from the "lite" collection--appears to have full aluminum housing found in the non-lite models, which is what I'm needing for this particular...
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    2MP 3x Starlight IR PTZ Network Camera

    Was reading through some threads earlier this year about this camera and was wondering if anyone can confirm if the subsequent firmware updates have given it preset capability with IVS. Andy has them in stock and was going to check the latest firmware but I haven't heard back, so any insight...
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    Socket error 10054

    I've got 6 cameras running on an HP Elitedesk 800 i7-6700 with 8gb ram. All six cameras run great with direct-to-disk, substream encoding, and max frame rates equal to camera settings, and the CPU usage is around 12 percent, give or take. When I add a seventh or eighth camera, however, I...
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    gDMSSPlus notifications for LPR motion events

    Relatively new to LPR but am running a IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E (with V2.800.0000000.10.R, Build Date: 2019-11-18 firmware) and have just tweaked the settings so I get sometimes readable nighttime plate reads. Using a 256gb SD card in the camera and don't use Blue Iris. I've set gDMSSPlus on my...
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    DHTek/Dahua OEM setup issue

    After checking with this forum first, I bought an "DHTek/Dahua" OEM version of the 2mp 30x ptz, just like this : DHTek/Dahua OEM PDN6CEU230H-I 2MP 30x Starlight H.265 POE IR PTZ Network Camera, 4.5~135mm(30x Optical Zoom), 6 IR LEDs, 200m Night Vision, Micro SD, IP67 IK10 (No...
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    Question on 2mp 30x Starlight variant

    Just curious if anyone had hands-on experience with this variant of 2mp PTZ and had any observations about the firmware and overall camera performance: 2MP 30x IR Starlight PTZ On paper this seems to fit my needs but figured I'd check before pulling the trigger. Any insights greatly appreciated.
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    Sensor difference on outdoor 12x PTZ cams

    I've installed an Amcrest 12x 1080p outdoor PTZ camera (IP2M-853EW) and am thinking about getting another one for the other end of the house. In my newbie assumption that the 4MP version of the 12x would result in a better optical zoom, I'm considering paying more for that version. The specs...