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    Flash Annke OEM HikVision NVR with genuine firmware?

    What was the outcome on this? Did you sort the detection out with firmware upgrade or was the other camera better or did you give up and send it back ?
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    Annke vs Hikvision vs Uniview

    Hi All, I originally ordered reolink before joining this forum, thankfully some great advice made me see sense so I cancelled the order. I have spent the last month or more researching and have narrowed my search down to the Annke, Hikvision & Uniview. I have seen Hikvision do colorvu 4 mp...
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    Newbie From UK

    Thanks for the info, I have cancelled my Reolink order as it wasnt arriving until 20th and hadn't been dispatched. Are there no good all in one packages which offer good night time clarity and about 1 month of recording at a reasonable price like £500 GBP or about $650 USD I guess I will have...
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    Newbie From UK

    Hi All, I have just joined and have ordered a new reolink 4k (8mp) CCTV system with 2 x D800 and 2 x B800 cameras. I am wondering if this is a good choice of system and camera combo ? Also its comes with 2TB HDD, but is this enough for 4k (8mp) recording for 30 days using h264+ which is what...