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  1. handinpalm

    Someone hits my mailbox, again

    You have to be careful on what you place in the Public R/W. That is not your property. I have heard homeowners getting sued for placing large rocks or obstacles in R/W and someone crashes into it. Just sayin.
  2. handinpalm

    Don’t see this everyday

    One more reason to not leave the house unless locked and loaded.
  3. handinpalm

    Camera Captures

    Need to change your Youtube video permissions to public.
  4. handinpalm

    Paranoid much?

    He is watching you. Your on his list now! Good video.
  5. handinpalm

    Anybody using cams that record audio?

    I agree with everyone. All cameras record audio, except the PTZ, which has external audio ports. I don't know the laws about this in my area, and really don't give a crap.
  6. handinpalm

    5442 picture quality issue

    Good position on your cam. May want to try some of this camo stuff...
  7. handinpalm

    A few pics of latest installation at Ghetto apartment complex

    Don't forget to post in the "Camera Capture" section. Ghetto shots are always the best.
  8. handinpalm

    VPN users -- How do you get Images with your Alerts?

    I set up 2 alerts, the BI Push notification and SMS/MMS with alert pic attached. That way I have redundancy in case of 1 failure. I always look at the SMS/MMS pic. I find my SMS message lags the BI push notification by 1 or 2 seconds. I set up different alert tones for each camera with the...
  9. handinpalm

    US Presidential Election 2020 (& Politics) :)

    Gee, that's too bad. I wonder how many times in the past this has happened and NEVER reported. Your fucked on Fakebook. Sukerberg started this company by screwing his friends that help start it.
  10. handinpalm

    Father and Son Shootout Captured On Home Security Camera

    Looks like they are just practicing for the next BLM riot.
  11. handinpalm

    Another bird house thread

    Here is the first unsuspecting target (Bunny). I forgot to add that I am using Brian's (@bp2008) Sunrise/Sunset utility to change the Day/Night mode, since the photodetector on the camera is covered by the wood.
  12. handinpalm

    Another bird house thread

    I was wondering the same thing. I guess I will find out, they will be on video.
  13. handinpalm

    Another bird house thread

    I was in need of a close up front door cam, mounted low for facial recognition. I had a spare Dahua 5231RP-Z turret lying around and bought an Amazon cedar bird house. The bird hole opening was the exact size of the camera lens, so I just had to drill our the IR LED holes and a small mic...
  14. handinpalm

    Dahua are Part Owned by the Chinese Government, Did You Know?

    Yea, best to isolate ALL IP cams from the internet. Dahua ~10% owned by PRC, but Hikvision is ~42% owned PRC. Who knows if that makes any difference, but I use Dahua. Another reason China will win the IoT war, when it happens.
  15. handinpalm


    If it is on Fakebook, it must be real.
  16. handinpalm

    Putting Camouflage Tape On My Dahua 5442E-ZE Camera

    I can't wait til the guy sleeping in his truck comes back to make his rounds. Maybe he already has, you could not see him before. Where is the camera? Good job on the camera coverage!
  17. handinpalm

    Starlink satellite internet

    Yes, Phased Array Antennas. We designed Fire Control systems (Munitions) for the Navy, decades ago, that used this technology. We could keep the communication link with Ships movement and aircraft movement with a high gain, narrow beam width beam. You "Dither" the beam (constantly...
  18. handinpalm

    Possible ideas for hiding cameras such as LPRs?

    I was looking at these Ghillie Skins at one time for camo. Looks like you can modify the pair to work on any camera. I have recently decided to go with a Turret cam in the bird house, by front door for facial recognition. Waiting for it to...
  19. handinpalm

    Flash Mob Bike Ride

    I have to agree with Seb. I am a cyclist, but those half wits give everyone a bad name. Some of them deserved to be run over.
  20. handinpalm

    **WARNING** Graphic images not for the faint hearted.

    Where is the rest of the clip? We need the whole story, since you got us interested. Surgical precision.
  21. handinpalm

    Viewing nesting box camera on smart phone

    What kind of bird is it?
  22. handinpalm

    Viewing nesting box camera on smart phone

    Video looks good on Chrome browser with Win 10 and Pixel phone on Android 11. The bird looks cold though. Good job.
  23. handinpalm

    Crypto Currency Chat

    You are going to say the same thing when it is $200K. I would buy about 6 coins right now if I were you.
  24. handinpalm

    'Flash' saves building from burning down

    Yea, hell or high water, that guy upstairs is going home, and don't bother me with your campfire. Not to mention no one went upstairs to tell the people the building is on fire. Another great video! I am sure the grand finale video will be coming soon.
  25. handinpalm

    Nothing to see here... just 2am firecrackers

    I'm waiting for the gun fire videos.
  26. handinpalm

    Chicken with a tail or mouse with only two legs.

    His front legs may be in your neighbors trap, therefore a little gun shy. Try using peanut butter for bait, they are usually pretty aggressive to that.
  27. handinpalm

    IPC-T5442T-ZE dual IR - electrical tape?

    I have the latest 12-03-20 update loaded and do not have the 2 IR LED selection under Manual. Just in case, I went back to Default setting and looked at the Manual IR setting, before I imported my settings. Still do not have 2 IR LED setting, just 1 scale for Manual. Evidently there was an...
  28. handinpalm


    People are pigs. No doubt about it. Only thing for sure, it is only going to get worse.
  29. handinpalm

    Stolen Bike Fight

    Nice neighborhood. Looking forward to more video.
  30. handinpalm

    Patching outside wall stucco when moving camera to new location advice needed

    I have done my fair share of Stucco. First off, knock off any loose material. Don't be afraid to knock off too much. Spray with water to clean it up, then paint on a concrete/cement bonder, so you get a good bond with existing material. You do not really have to wait for it to dry out too...