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  1. MickPB

    Walk of shame

    Embarassed to ask but....I drug a camera off the default screen in the BI 5 application...... Can someone tell me how to get it back? I did look at around in the ? but didn't find this. Thanks
  2. MickPB

    One camera is PAL and the others are NTSC - how can I address this

    I've got 5 Dahua 2231 cams. One is somehow set to PAL standards based on the resolution it is sending. The others are all NTSC. I've not flashed or updated any of the cameras. I may have factory reset one or more but I just don't recall. If it matters - They came from Empire Tech so I feel...
  3. MickPB

    Dahua 2231 - Need advice on camera settings

    TIA! This camera has been an ongoing subject of my attention and after not getting any real improvement I am asking for help before writing it off as a tough location. I don't have the actual light fixture in the field of view but want the door there for daytime purposes. Looking for major...
  4. MickPB

    Access to the sub-stream via webserver

    Does this look like the correct url to pickup the sub-stream from BI for the camera with the short name "frontdoor"? And should I expect asking BI for the substream to be more efficient even if I want it in jpg format? mjpeg_url: Thanks in advance
  5. MickPB

    I am looking for recommendations for a WIFI Outdoor Solar 1080p camera

    My requirements are pretty simple. I want to use HA to control the camera and take a picture once or maybe a couple times a day when the sun is at a specific angle. I'll likely add to BI just because. If it had Starlight and motion sense that would be fun to see if it is a racoon, opossum or...
  6. MickPB

    Weather data source

    The weather data add on looks interesting. Can I use my own weather station data to feed the overlay? I want hyper local weather. Also- would it be possible to add other custom sensors as well? TIA
  7. MickPB

    How does support work

    I've had the BI substream version installed for some time now and yet to have the events from the Dahua cameras trigger an alert in BI. I've written to support twice over several weeks including the header showing the support info asking if this is expected to be fixed or if this version of BI...
  8. MickPB

    How to effectively use

    I'm running an i5-9400 w/ 32mg built in Jan. The CPU utilization by BI has climbed from the low to mid 20s in Jan to between 38 and 45% today. The GPU usage is right around 17%. The only change was to add a NIC a while back and more the cameras to a local subnet. This actually seemed to...
  9. MickPB

    Can BI advertise when the Profile setting is changed?

    I'd like to be able to get updates for my home automation when the profile setting is changed. I want to use rules in my home automation tool, OpenHAB, to change the profile setting. I would like to have the current profile setting available to display from OH without frequently needing to ask...
  10. MickPB

    External Control of Profile based on Weather

    I'm rather happy with BI with one execption. Kansas weather is not well adapted to the MD for BI. I'd like advice on changing the weather or alternatively to know of any scripts or external processes that might be shared to change profile. I have access to pretty accurate weather data in...
  11. MickPB

    Blue Iris and or Dahua Cam motion detect.

    Does a trigger from the camera then create a delay befor BI will detect motion? Does doing motion detect on BI increase CPU usage for h.264? Seems like it would have to decode the stream to do the motion detect but my limited and unscientific testing (who knows what windows is doing in...
  12. MickPB

    BI Alerts

    What determines if BI generated a alert with a video or with a picture? I get a mix currently. I am currently recording on all cameras full time and turned off snapshots off in BI camera settings. I will start testing the IOS app tomorrow but would prefer to be able to always have a snippet...
  13. MickPB

    Dahua 4231 and 2231 setup for sensitivity

    I have one 4231 and 6 2231 cams connected to BI on a i9-9400 with the GPU helping carry the load. This is my almost everything system including Plex for myself and about once a month a remote user. Thus, I am initially pushing hard to see how well I can do with the on Cam motion and IVS...
  14. MickPB


    Despite good advice to throw the PC-NVR software out - I am giving it another try and discovered the the connection between the SMARTPSS running on the same I5-9400 PC as the PC-NVR looses the connection when I try to connect iDMSSLive view to the cameras on the NVR. The app shows 0Channel-00...
  15. MickPB

    SmartPSS - anyone have 7 cameras and phone alerts working

    I have spent several evenings in SmartPSS and really like it except two things. It's installed w/ 7 2mp Starlight Dahua cams on an I7-870 PC with a 6gb Purple drive. #1 It looses connections with the recorder and seems that eventually a reinstall is only choice. I've read posts about channel...
  16. MickPB

    Smart PSS 2.002 AND Cameras will not send SMTP Event notification

    I've installed SmartPSS on Win 10 and it immedately picks up all 7 cameras but I am not able to configure SmartPSS OR the cameras to send SMTP to Gmail. I've tried TLS on port 587 as well as SSL on 465 on both the SMARTPSS and the cameras. I've disabled the firewall in Win. I setup a separate...
  17. MickPB

    Comparing ipc-hdw5231r-ze and ipc-hdw2231r-zs and open to other options

    I am planning to put up 8 cameras with four on the corners of the house and four more at the doors. I would like to have audio at 2 of the doors. I would like to understand the difference between ipc-hdw5231r-ze and ipc-hdw2231r-zs. I see that the 5231 has audio and the 2231 does not. Are...