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  1. GatVlieg

    [tool] [tutorial] Free AI Person Detection for Blue Iris

    From appearances, and as a long time lurker, this topic/thread has slowed down drastically since BI has added native Deepstack support. Personally I have not looked into the native support capabilities as BI runs on 1 system and the AI / Deepstack on another etc. Is continued development of the...
  2. GatVlieg

    Can't get vcredist.x64 to install

    Check to see if you have any other versions of 2015-2019 installed, especially higher versions Note: In theory you should not have more than one copy of the x86 and x64 2015-2019 installed as per MS design specs. But versions , errm, "manipulate" install criteria and sometime you do get...
  3. GatVlieg

    Sending an ALERT -> Web: error: No stream: 12057

    Hi All Getting the following error when trying to send an ALERT via BI 5..3.7.6 x64 I am trying to send a " Web request or MQTT" type alert. The full command is as follows (private keys have been <OMITTED>)...
  4. GatVlieg


    In case somebody else has this issue... I have found the solution. As to why the setting was what it should be, I have no idea! I also did NOT update to the latest UI3. I changed the following setting, and voila, all my issues have magically dissapeared!! [It was set to JavaScript for...
  5. GatVlieg


    Thanks for the reply. No, the error comes up when I do remote streaming; in fact I cannot advise if it happens locally as I have never run in locally! I will upgrade to the latest UI3 again & note if the error persists. So I think the NS references Name Server... It is almost as if it cannot...
  6. GatVlieg


    Currently running the very last version of BI 4 For the past few days getting this error all of a sudden: The error goes away, come sback, goes away and so on. It is periodic in nature. I would call my system "mature". I've not added any new cameras in over a year. Been running BI 4 for +3...