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    NVR stream and camera setting H.265

    I'm not sure this is the best way to explain my question... I have cameras powered by a POE switch. The cameras are currently set to H.264H. I want to switch the cameras to H.265. If I have a H.265 NVR, connect the cameras via the IP address to the NVR, and then I want to pull a stream via...
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    IPC-HFW1831E bitrate higher than setting allows

    Camera bitrate set to CBR 8Mb/s, but I get bitrates higher than the maximum the camera is supposed to show. Camera accessed directly thru web interface. Zero network activity before logging in to camera. Firmware is 2.800.0000000.5.R.20200107. Any ideas?
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    VPN noob looking for clarification/help

    I've read assorted links, web pages, wiki, etc, but I hope forum members are gracious enough to offer more information so I am clear on what I need for what I want to accomplish. When I am away from home, I access my cameras thru my phone thru the LTE connection. I am already aware that my...
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    Physical reset button vs. factory defaulting thru camera web interface

    Is there any difference of results in these two methods? Is one better than the other, or will the end result of the camera state be the same via either method? If a user was having an issue with a camera would the button reset solve issues that a software factory default would not?
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    1831E bitrate issue since updating to 2.800 firmware

    Has anyone else seen their IPC-HFW1831E bitrate acting strange with 2.800 firmware? Since updating my cameras to 2.800 firmware, I'm seeing bitrates twice, sometimes more, than what the camera is set at. (Set to 8Mb/s, but I see bitrates up to 16-20 Mb/s) I did not see this with 2.622...
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    Blue Iris 4 storage error notification?

    Can anyone help me identify the cause of this that appears on the bottom of the BI4 window? This appears on a fresh BI4 install on a new W10 Pro PC. The BI DB is on C: drive (NVME drive) and the clips are stored on AV rated drive label T: I exported .reg from Win7 pc to new Win10 pc...