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  1. Broachoski

    Joke Thread

    Those shit house rhymes were popular back 60 years ago when I was a kid. When I see that one it reminds me of another: You shit house poets, you sons of bitches. I stopped to read and shit my britches.
  2. Broachoski

    FYI - deal on 75' patch cable, good for testing - not in wall. 3/19/2021

    Thanks, I got the gray at 12.84 also. Been needing a spare as I use these frequently in testing cameras.
  3. Broachoski

    Dahua SD49225XA-HNR Auto Tracking Enabled Firmware.

    Thanks for sharing these files Sir.
  4. Broachoski

    Quadruple Coyotes in my back yard!

    I cant say that I have ever seen 4 together before but have seen 2 that could bark together and sound like a huge pack.
  5. Broachoski

    Do you remember when you were clueless about cctv and started with BI?

    I started using BI a couple years ago and it was mind boggling. The forums here were a godsend. I am happy to say now that my system with about 20 cameras is running flawless and requires no attention for maintenance. At this time I see no need to chase updates as the system does what I want it...
  6. Broachoski

    Best value PTZ? 2PM is fine

    That Loryta from Andy is fantastic. I had a hard time forking out the money but considering ordering another as a backup. My mailbox is 1 mile from the camera and I can see when the carrier runs. Not clear at all at that distance but still amazing to me.
  7. Broachoski

    Police chase in my neighborhood

    You have it covered nicely!
  8. Broachoski

    Male Collapses In The Street At 1AM

    To me he looks to be very drunk.
  9. Broachoski

    Can I make this work?I’ll have to work

    Good choice tubac!
  10. Broachoski

    Bought a SD1A404XB-GNR on Andy's BlackFriday deals and can't seem to power up

    Ya gotta configure on Note the "1"
  11. Broachoski

    Is Amazon Loryta Seller "e Secure" Andy?

    When I clicked the link it went to EmpireTech-Andy and I did not see eSecure. I just received the 2mp version this week and am tickled with it. The link to it is:
  12. Broachoski

    Blue Iris Camera Groups and PTZ Preset Triggers

    This has been a big help for me as only yesterday I received my PTZ toy from Andy, Loryta SD49225, and had not gotten to this point yet.
  13. Broachoski

    Red Stretch Limo

    Many limos look cool but I am not impressed with the Mercedes.
  14. Broachoski

    Is Blue Iris through IP cam talk legit?

    I discovered BI here on IPCAMTALK and bought it here. It is a legitimate license and your software downloads are made on the BI site.
  15. Broachoski

    Underwater IP camera on a beaver lodge

    Fantastic! Thanks for the details.
  16. Broachoski

    30X Zoom HD Outdoor/Indoor PTZ IP Speed Dome Camera 5MP 1080P 80M IR ONVIF POE

    I see several sellers around the globe but cannot find the user manual which should have been included with the camera. May need to be logged into with an app to be initialized and to reset the password and IP address. All I found was mention of some of the app names which included P6Slite ...
  17. Broachoski

    Beta water on my street.

    Those kids on the ATV could show up and see how they handle it.
  18. Broachoski

    This makes a change from buying from China

    I hear that they are pretty popular in the UK. Is that true?
  19. Broachoski

    Cutting Video?

    When playing back a clip, you will see a 2 icons underneath the timeline. 1 at the start and 1 at the end. Slide them to include the area that you want to capture. Then when you right click and choose Convert/export, you can specify more options such as file type and location to save new file to.
  20. Broachoski

    OMG i found a video of my old security cameras.

    Was he trying to slide under your garage door or a doggy door there?
  21. Broachoski

    POE splitter usage

    I use that unit on some Chinese cameras that require the 12 volt input since not being true POE. I just tested one and found that it strips the voltage and does not pass through to the camera. I tested with a Dahua POE camera and works only when using the 12 volt connection along with the...
  22. Broachoski July 31, 2020 re-size JPEG in record tab

    I would like that option also but when checking to save as hi rez, the snapshots are still being saved from the sub stream video. Edited: snapshots saved in live view are low quality like sub stream but snapshots while playing back from alerts look fine. Actually the latter look the same whether...
  23. Broachoski

    My next camera(s) installation in the woods

    Nice project! I would like to know more about those 2 water resistant boxes that you are using there.
  24. Broachoski

    What UPS

    I have about 6 APC units and a couple of Cyberpower units and after over 15 years of use and replacing batteries every 3 or 4 years, I have never had an experience that would make me overly concerned about the risk of a fire. I do try to keep them several inches away from combustible surfaces...
  25. Broachoski

    Poe to poe without uplink port

    Also if your existing POE switch contains any non POE ports then you could use one of those also to connect to the new switch.
  26. Broachoski

    5mp cameras have low quality image when viewing all cameras

    Thanks bp2008 ! Education never ends.
  27. Broachoski

    5mp cameras have low quality image when viewing all cameras

    For sub stream setup, start here:
  28. Broachoski

    5mp cameras have low quality image when viewing all cameras

    I am not sure this is your issue but if you have sub streams enabled BI is showing those on the screen until you select an individual camera. If this is the case then you could increase the resolution and or other settings on the sub stream settings within the cameras
  29. Broachoski

    Power is out at our home...

    Mine bitches about the beeping. I have backup units on my BI pc , the POE switches and router.
  30. Broachoski

    POE switch that runs off.. incoming POE?

    If you have 2 ports available on your switch then these work great. I have several in operation.