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    Newegg WD Purple 8TB 7200rpm 187.00 Shell Shocker

    Newegg daily shell shocker includes the 8TB drive for 187:
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    Spectrum raise internet prices again (2021)?

    Just noticed my internet bill went from 69.95 to 74.95, but don't recall getting a letter stating that it will go up. I only have internet connection, did anyone else notice the increase? Not sure if is due to my usage, as I've been working at home via VPN, didn't think they had a cap...
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    UniFi-Video Products End of Life...

    I watch Lawrence System videos and his latest one talks about UniFi discontinuing their UniFi-Video product. No more cloud, security updates, etc in Jan 2021. Don't have any, but I thought I'd mention it...
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    Anyone using ZeroTier?

    Lawrence Systems looked at ZeroTier and he is impressed with the way it's set up. However, I'm concerned if someone hacks into ZeroTier and get access to user accounts, they may add their computer on your home network.
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    ZDNET: More Security Issues - Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co., Ltd.

    According to article, after patching the 2016 issues, four more were discovered and reported to the company, but have yet to be patched: Over nine million cameras and DVRs open to APTs, botnet herders, and voyeurs | ZDNet