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  1. MickPB

    Dual NIC setup on your Blue Iris Machine

    I have wired cameras that are on a separate NW as described here. One network for camera streams. One for everything else. I prefer to keep a physical separation, I did however get a wifi camera for Christmas. I am planning to play with the motion for a little while but really wanted this to...
  2. MickPB

    How to trigger Blue Iris camera via external device - Anyone?

    While your waiting for the Shelly egg - I'd suggest having a look around the Home Assistant stuff. It's a Open HUB that can connect nicely with BI and either take video or camera sensor data and include it in home automation or connect with most cloud and devices that support MQTT or Rest...
  3. MickPB

    Walk of shame

    I did find the frames (yes there is another one now HA HA) beneath the main panel but am still at a loss how to join them back into the main panel.
  4. MickPB

    Walk of shame

    Embarassed to ask but....I drug a camera off the default screen in the BI 5 application...... Can someone tell me how to get it back? I did look at around in the ? but didn't find this. Thanks
  5. MickPB

    One camera is PAL and the others are NTSC - how can I address this

    Thanks a bunch. I've got a list of nagging issues with our Home Automation and Entertainment stuff. I spent too much time on trying move some applications to another server and then switched to this thinking it was a quick win. I appreciate your help. At least that is fixed. Thank You
  6. MickPB

    One camera is PAL and the others are NTSC - how can I address this

    I've got 5 Dahua 2231 cams. One is somehow set to PAL standards based on the resolution it is sending. The others are all NTSC. I've not flashed or updated any of the cameras. I may have factory reset one or more but I just don't recall. If it matters - They came from Empire Tech so I feel...
  7. MickPB

    Dahua 2231 - Need advice on camera settings

    Looking at it now - WDR seems to help. I need to get an assistant to help with speeding up the testing process! Not tonight though! Anyone have any thoughts on why the one camera secondary feed is a different resolution? Is there anything you rec checking before I reset it?
  8. MickPB

    Dahua 2231 - Need advice on camera settings

    Any suggestions? Also - will this be part of the day or night mode settings? I'm quite fond of the day time results so would like to keep the changes to night mode is possible. I can use Home assistant to set the mode to night with using its sum trigger and hoepfully a rest command or I've...
  9. MickPB

    Dahua 2231 - Need advice on camera settings

    Wow- Appreciate you patience. If this was a snake..... Anyway, I can say that I don't recall using those settings but that when I went to get this screen shot, I saw the camera was still in "Day" mode. I manually switched it to night mode. Then a cat walked through to show that that the cat...
  10. MickPB

    Dahua 2231 - Need advice on camera settings

    I don’t see anything in the camera for exposure or picture. I have pixels and refresh rate. The only lense like options are focus and zoom. Camera is not zoomed at all
  11. MickPB

    Dahua 2231 - Need advice on camera settings

    Understand the up comment. I do it more as a matter of having good habits than safety. The camera settings are in a previous post
  12. MickPB

    Dahua 2231 - Need advice on camera settings

    That camera said it was in day mode when I just looked at it. But it was set to switch day/night. I thought it would do day/night automatically that way and will check later. I can geek it up and use sunset / sunrise with mqtt or REST but really don't want that complexity. The IR light is...
  13. MickPB

    Dahua 2231 - Need advice on camera settings

    TIA! This camera has been an ongoing subject of my attention and after not getting any real improvement I am asking for help before writing it off as a tough location. I don't have the actual light fixture in the field of view but want the door there for daytime purposes. Looking for major...
  14. MickPB

    Access to the sub-stream via webserver

    Does this look like the correct url to pickup the sub-stream from BI for the camera with the short name "frontdoor"? And should I expect asking BI for the substream to be more efficient even if I want it in jpg format? mjpeg_url: Thanks in advance
  15. MickPB

    I am looking for recommendations for a WIFI Outdoor Solar 1080p camera

    My requirements are pretty simple. I want to use HA to control the camera and take a picture once or maybe a couple times a day when the sun is at a specific angle. I'll likely add to BI just because. If it had Starlight and motion sense that would be fun to see if it is a racoon, opossum or...
  16. MickPB - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    BP - Thanks for the quick reply. I changed the sub stream to '/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=1&unicast=true&proto=Onvif' and have three alerts already
  17. MickPB - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    I am unable to get BI alerts created using the camera's digital sensor with a Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-ZE IP Camera or IPC-T2231T-ZS 2MP Starlight I have BI installed and BI camera config I've confirmed those stream paths with VLC media player. I've also observed that the camera...
  18. MickPB

    Weather data source

    Could I also store that data in a format that I can publish via a webserver? If there is a project or some examples that I can look at that would be great.
  19. MickPB

    Weather data source

    I found the help files - I see Weather Underground. I assume then if I publish to WU then I can use my data but could I kinda like my data staying here as a matter of principal (not really bent of weather data though) but could I use the Tools to connect to the Weather Underground feed from the...
  20. MickPB

    Weather data source

    The weather data add on looks interesting. Can I use my own weather station data to feed the overlay? I want hyper local weather. Also- would it be possible to add other custom sensors as well? TIA
  21. MickPB

    Have a new project in mind where I would like to capture either and or photos and video and be...

    Have a new project in mind where I would like to capture either and or photos and video and be able to add sensor data into the video beyond the camera name - data - time. Does anyone have an idea if there is a platform that will do this. I am a current Blue Iris licensed customer and will be...
  22. MickPB

    Camera Detection to Trigger Smart Light Switches?

    HomeAssistant and OpenHAB are also full featured home automation platforms you might want to consider. I think BlueIris offers the data from the cameras ONVIF data via MQTT and Rest calls so it can be connected as a host and maybe more. HA is particularly easy to add ONVIF cameras to. It will...
  23. MickPB - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    Dahua had a page on how to view the camera feed from VLC and there was references in this thread. Basically I think I Googled. VLC is a handy quick way to test though
  24. MickPB - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    I heard back for BI support today. All is well!
  25. MickPB - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    It’s already working
  26. MickPB - RTSP sub-streams for high-MP cameras

    So - I removed the BI install, deleted the BI directory and restarted Win. Downloaded a new install file and added the cameras from scratch and it looks like it is all working now. If anyone else is using Dahua this works for me.
  27. MickPB

    How does support work

    Thanks for the explanation. I went back through the install process and found the details that explain this there as well. Appreciate the explanation. Also - reinstalling and recreating all the cameras from scratch resolved the issue that I was having. I'll mark the other thread as well...